Lean startup machine logoLean Startup Machine Singapore, powered by SingTel Innov8, is less than two weeks away and we are super excited to engage this startup community. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without our Co-Organizer e27, awesome sponsors, partners, and mentors.

This workshop focuses on the application of Lean Startup and Customer Development. Many of you have read The Lean Startup, and have perhaps wondered how you can take advantage of the science of entrepreneurship.

Through this 3-day workshop, our team and the mentors will provide tools and guidance to help you engage in Build-Measure-Learn loops with real customers. Yes, you read that correctly. We push our attendees to “get out of the building,” a phrase coined by Steve Blank.

Singapore based mentors such as Hugh, Vinnie & Jeff, Carl & James, Scott, etc. (the list goes on) are all very active in promoting Lean Startup. Our sponsors also made it possible to help us contribute to bringing some mentors like Benjamin, Calvin, Phil, Efraim in the region to Singapore.

I am super excited about this upcoming event, and I believe deeply in what we can achieve at this workshop. It is my sincere hope to see Lean Startup grows with this community. Singapore is already a top ten startup ecosystem in the world, and the only way is up from here.

About the Author

Ray is passionate about working with entrepreneurs. Lean Startup, Ruby on Rails are two things he spends a lot of time working on and thinking about. He facilitates Lean Startup Machine workshops around the world, and is an avid foodie. He blogs at http://raywu.tumblr.com/