Cockroach startups (1)

Their names are Bob and Paul if you’re wondering.

From unicorns to ponies, it’s interesting to see how the startup ecosystem is humming — or rather hissing — a different tune these days. If you have missed the new fangled definition of ‘cockroach startup,’ don’t worry – it is supposed to be a compliment, not an insult.

According to BusinessInsider, the definition for a cockroach startup is such:

“A cockroach [startup]…is a business that builds slowly and steadily from the get-go, keeping a close eye on revenues and profits. Spending is kept in check so that it can weather any funding storm.”

The short version being, as cockroaches can survive a nuclear war, a cockroach startup should likewise be able to survive an economic meltdown.

Since there has not been a clear-cut champion of cockroach startups, e27 has taken it upon ourselves to find interesting startups that may just fit the bill. Here are the first 15 out of 45 startups who we believe can lead this upcoming ‘cockroach revolution:’

Product Lighthouse | HQ: Australia

Specialisation: B2B/Enterprise, Data & Analytics, E-commerce, Retail

Product Lighthouse is an industry platform that focuses on making product information work on retail. It has a range of fast moving, feature-rich and complex products such as smart goods, home technology and accessories where vendors can share a lot of information on. With its product submission tool, vendors are given control, efficiency and data integrity, helping SME owners raise revenue instead of being bogged down by administrative tasks. Additionally, these vendors also enjoy the benefits of better information also available to their retail partners.

Dragon Law | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: B2B/Enterprise, Legal Services, Software, Startups, Web

Dragon Law is a legal services startup that provides an end-to-end solution to the legal needs of clients. It is safer, faster and cheaper than the average legal service. The company helps businesses of all sizes build contracts, incorporate a business, protect intellectual property, get legal advice, set up a company address, get a company secretary, and get a visa. Other features include DragonHatch, a legal on boarding solution for incubators and accelerators, and HR bundle, an instant library of legal contracts, policies and forms.

Sypher Labs | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: B2B/Enterprise, Logistics/Supply Chain, Mobile, Software, Transportation, Web

Sypher Labs is a B2B-software focused startup that tackle transportation’s $60 billion dollar ‘empty mile’ problem by advancing global supply chain from the ground up. The startup itself has raised US$500,000 to date, and was incubated by Get2Volume and NUS Enterprise. It currently champions VersaFleet™, a central operations portal that enables operators to track incoming job orders, assign trips and dispatch their drivers instantly via their mobile companion app, VersaDrive™. Moreover, operators enjoy 24/7 visibility over collection & delivery statuses with real-time notifications. With route optimisation, VersaFleet™ can assign and dispatch hundreds of jobs in mere seconds.

BasicBrix | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: B2B/Enterprise, Net Infrastructure, Web

BasicBrix is a Singapore-based cloud solutions provider dedicated to providing powerful, scalable, and affordable cloud-based solutions for start-ups and enterprises. Founded on March 2014, BasicBrix specialises in net infrastructure, covering solutions for the back-end of mobile phone apps, public interactive exhibits, MMORG server clusters, and enterprise cloud networking. It provides flexible solutions, allowing the freedom for clients to customise their packages and upgrading when needed.

BitTitan SG Pte Ltd | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: B2B/Enterprise, Software, Software Development, Web

BitTitan leads the cloud services enablement industry, delivering solutions that help IT service providers sell, onboard, and service cloud technology. It has a comprehensive cloud enablement platform called MSPComplete, which helps manage service providers to sell more complementary cloud services such as the Office365 and Azure. MSPComplete also can onboard more cloud workloads faster without additional training, and provide top-tier customer service. BitTitan has cloud-based secure migration and on boarding solutions which saves resources without sacrificing security.

eConscribi International / eConscribi, Inc. | HQ: Denmark

Specialisation: Jobs & Recruiting, Software, Web

eConscribi prides itself on its eRecruitment solutions that offer end-to-end SaaS capabilities to startups, SMEs companies as well as large private and public enterprises. It offers its eRecruitment on a variety of devices, such as laptops, tables and smartphones (and offers 24/7 customer support). eConscribi itself has supported 240 local and international e-recruitment customers, with a managements team with over 30-plus years of sales experience and 10-plus years of hands-on recruiting experience.

Viatick | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: B2B/Enterprise, Mobile, Software, Web

Viatick specialises in proximity enabled solutions that gather and forecast consumer insights, track behaviour of target audiences or markets, issue tasks based on staff proximity and location, all through a user’s smart device. Using iBeacons, Viatick is able to ping users radio signals through built-in antennas, allowing them to receive notifications. Its clients are from several industries such as retail entertainment (i.e. shopping malls), education, tourism, and hospitality.

Monexo Innovations Limited | HQ: Hong Kong

Specialisation: Banking & Accounting, Finance, Market Research

An incubatee of Cyberport, Monexo is a P2P (peer-to-peer) lending marketplace in Hong Kong for small businesses and its employees, with the vision to disrupt the lending market which is inefficient and fragmented. Launching in 2015, Monexo has two products, loans against rental income and personal instalment loans. It covers different borrowing segments and have designed a risk based pricing model. Currently it has partnered with AIG Insurance to provide insurance to both lenders and borrowers, helping both sides get better returns and affordable credit.

Cardable | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: Finance, Internet of Things, Mobile

Cardable is a platform that allows Asian consumers to better utilise their credit cards with recommendations and analytics. Given that there are numerous credit card products, customers find it difficult to catch on certain savings and privileges of each card. Taking into account its users’ spending habits, Cardable provides valuable and accurate recommendations of credit cards that fit users’ lifestyles while providing savings. In terms of awards, Cardable has received the ACE startup grant from SPRING Singapore as well as funding from Muru-D Singapore.

expay | HQ: Thailand

Specialisation: Banking & Accounting, E-commerce, Finance, Mobile, Web

expay is a payment gateway that accepts various types of payments for online retailers and internet services in Asia. expay allows merchants to accept payments on their websites instantly, and allows customers to pay orders through various means. Specifically, customers are allowed to pay with credit cards, debit cards, electronic money, mobile payments payment kiosks, money transfer systems, and bank transfers under one contract. Merchants are also given full control over payments, using an expay personal account tool. Setup is free, with no maintenance or commitment fees.

Execuvite | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: B2B/Enterprise, Jobs & Recruiting, Web

Execuvite combines a marketplace, professional network, and a collaboration platform for freelancing team leaders to invite other freelancers to apply for their project teams. Its platform matches 3-5 qualified freelancing team leaders with enterprise services, combining hard skills and soft skills based on inputs from the parties involved. It prides itself on its 360-degree transaction capability within its network and its team leaders who enable enterprises to accomplish the same quality as in-house employees or traditional agencies. | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: Banking & Accounting, Consulting, Finance, Real Estate focuses on empowering its users to invest better through its intuitive tools and curation of investments products and data. It helps users identify the next investment opportunity by putting together data that includes real estate, restricted and mutual funds, and time deposits. Additionally, WeInvest has search tools for its advanced users, investment themes for its novice to moderate users, and a portfolio tool to help assist in these investment discoveries. WeInvest claims to be the largest resource of investment opportunities in Singapore. | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: Consumer, Education, Jobs & Recruiting, Social Networking, Startups, Web solves the quarter life crisis by helping ambitious and highly skilled corporate professionals explore alternative career and lifestyle opportunities through short term remote experiences. By matching these professionals to various projects, QLC curates four to six week courses that only require a commitment of 5-10 hours a week. Users who sign up to QLC can easily learn new skills in a different space without quitting their day job. It also lets candidates from all around the globe collaborate with each other, with a strong emphasis on community.

Gpayroll | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: Accounting, Productivity & CRM, Software, Startups

Gpayroll is a simple no-frills payroll service with an automated system that helps business owners focus on their core business without the hassle of managing payroll. It has an intuitive AutoFilings feature that simplifies users’ statutory obligations. By using such a feature, Gpayroll submits users’ CPFs and taxes for its users, so they don’t have to go through such hassle. With its private cloud infrastructure and in-house IT experts, Gpayroll assures utmost information security for its users.

H3 Dynamics Holdings | HQ: Singapore

Specialisation: B2B/Enterprise, Data & Analytics, Defense & Military, Energy & Cleantech

H3 Dynamics fuses together energy storage, robotics, and IoT to create a new generation of innovative products that collect and process data anywhere, anytime. Specifically, H3 Dynamics has three sister companies, HES Energy Systems, HUS Unmanned Systems, and HAS Awareness Systems. All three entities have their own product lines, teams and strategies, forming powerful vertically integrated solutions. For example, HES Energy Systems offers contract R&D services and has developments running with several leading OEM unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) manufacturers and soldier systems suppliers around the world.

Unsatisfied with Part 1? Don’t worry, Part 2 will definitely be scurrying towards you soon!

Think that other cockroach startups are still hiding from us? It’s not too late! Let us know in our discussions section. Nominate an ideal entrepreneur and let him or her be recognised in our cockroach startup search! We’re definitely open to expanding and acknowledging startups that can champion this new revolution in the ecosystem.