LinkedIn’s mobile and iPad app demonstrates amazing growth despite its controversy several weeks ago.

Several weeks ago, discussions on the web regarding a leak on LinkedIn’s security that revealed some of its users’ password, created a controversy. Now that the dust has settled and LinkedIn has addressed the problem, let’s take a look at Linkedin’s growth.

According to LinkedIn, mobile is their fastest growing service. Since then, they have launched their iPad app to demonstrate their commitment of investing in product experiences that deliver valuable insights to its members. An astounding 22% of LinkedIn traffic is coming from mobile devices, with 19 people searches done every second from mobile devices. On top of the people searches, 41 LinkedIn profiles are viewed every second from mobile devices, and who knows, your LinkedIn profile might be viewed by another business professional right this moment.

Other than its amazing traction on the mobile platform, LinkedIn’s iPad app, a native app built from the ground up is also the fastest growing device on LinkedIn, with a year over year growth of 250%, from 2011 to 2012.

For those who have yet downloaded the iPad app, here are some of the app’s key features:

· Calendar sync – Get an informative snapshot of all the people you will be meeting that day and everything you need to know about them – who they are, where they work and even who you know in common
· LinkedIn Today refresh– Get timely, relevant news surfaced by what your connections and industry peers are sharing and reading
· What co-workers are sharing module – Filtered updates on your current co-workers’ activities (both connections and non-connections)
· Who’s viewed my profile module
· Who’s changed jobs module and congratulate feature

The best part of the LinkedIn iPad app is the calendar sync, something which most apps fails to integrate with. The LinkedIn blogpost reads:

“Professionals live by their smartphones and iPads to manage their day. In particular, they constantly turn to their calendar to see when, where and who they are meeting. To help you understand “who” you are meeting with, the LinkedIn iPad app can sync with your device calendar to incorporate rich Linkedin profile data about each attendee. With the LinkedIn iPad app you are one tap away from learning about things you have in common with the people you are about to meet, like common connections, work experiences, and schools; probably helps to know what they look like as well. Now you’ll have something more important to talk about than the weather (of course, if you need a weather update, we’ve included that in the app as well).”

The new iPad app is available for free in Apple’s App Store. LinkedIn currently has more than 150 million members in more than 200 countries. The company revamped its iPhone and Android apps last August.

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