The Snapshock Team. Photo:Snapshock

Experience being a reporter or paparazzi with Snapshock, the latest mobile app that allows users to broadcast photos live through their mobile phones.

Other than real time event broadcast, the app offers event check-ins and boasts of a new-patented technology that integrates real-time 2D images to 3D. Snapshock has covered many different events but specializes in covering live wedding events.

Innovators of this dynamic and creative mobile app comprise of a trio, Peter Choi, Data Fok and Kin Tang.

e27 talks to Peter Choi, to find out more about Snapshock and their plans for Echelon 2012 Sartup Marketplace.

How did the idea of Snapshock come about? Were wedding couples the initial target market?

When iPad 2 was launched, the whole world was concerned if Steve Jobs was going to be on stage at that very moment. On top of mere text based tweets, there’s a clear demand of live photos broadcast centralized for a specific event.

Apart from that, our team has also discovered other prominent problems such as having to share photos in the old-fashioned way amongst a group of friends. (I.e. copying via USB drive, DVD etc.) Sometimes we may also want to share large set of photos, but not to facebook given that one may not be personally attached to the photos. Also, we thought that it’d be a great idea if participants or helpers at a wedding banquest could be more engaged and take photos of the guests and show it live on a big projector screen.

There are more than 10 millions weddings happening globally every year. Thus weddings became our initial target market given that it is huge and recurrent. It also helped that the industry was our expertise since I am also running another startup, Hiwave Dry Seafood, specializing in wedding gifts services, with existing partnership and customer base.

In fact Snapshock was test launched in my own wedding banquet in March.

The Snapshock office. Photo: Snapshock

How did you and the two team members meet and work together on this startup?

We were high school classmates and have known each another for over 10 years. The team was formed in 2008 and Snapshock was pivoted three times. The current product is our fourth version.

Photo sharing was our original concept and previous products included photo album hosting, photos aggregation, photo slideshows, etc. The current Snapshock solution has been proven to be the most comprehensive and our team has definitely matured much more in terms of market analysis throughout the process.

How is the traction for Snapshock like and what are some of the feedback you’ve gotten from users so far?

Snapshock has currently more than 10,000 downloads. End users have given us a lot of feature related feedback  that is leading us to our subsequent modification in user experience and program flow. Corporate customers also made certain suggestions from the business perspective. We may make slight adjustments to our pricing and business model in the near future.

Snapshock is only available on iPhone now while the Android application will be coming soon.

Discussions at the Snapshock office. Photo: Snapshock

What are some of Snapshock’s expansion plans? E.g. partnerships, feature developments, market expansion, etc.

Current partners of Snapshock include wedding studios, wedding planners and hotels. In the future, we want to target other event types including PR firms, government departments and other businesses.

In terms of features, Snapshock will start to include video uploading and streaming. We are also researching to integrate 2D to 3D conversion technology to allow normal mobile phones to take 3D photos through our platform.

Snapshock sees Hong Kong as our pilot market and will gradually expand globally.

How has Snapshock strategized these expansion plans since the photo app market is very saturated?

With Instagram and other photo apps are already in place, we crafted our positioning very carefully. Snapshock is more like an events app rather than a photo app. Our customers are event organizers instead of photographers, and people will use Snapshock for on-purpose photography instead of leisure photography.

Upcoming new features for Snapshock will all be related to events. While it is possible Snapshock may cross with social networking arena in the future, our development pace will be carefully calculated to retain customer acceptance and to out run potential competitors.

Who or what would you be looking for at Echelon 2012 Startup Marketplace? (investments, partnerships, expansion, etc.)

Investments and partnerships will be our primary concerns. Coming from Hong Kong, we are also eager to understand more about the Singapore startup ecosystem. We have learnt something and built some network in Taiwan satellites and we anticipate to leverage on that even more in Singapore.

Snapshock will be exhibiting at Echelon 2012 Startup Marketplace in June.