Christian humanitarian organisation World Vision International has launched the Asia Public-Private Partnerships Hub (Asia P3 Hub), the first socially-charged cross-sector incubator in Singapore that partners with startups, companies and non-profit organisations.

The Asia P3 Hub was developed with the backing of Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). It will seek to harness the expertise of non-profit establishments and private companies, combining them with World Vision International’s networks and experience to provide aid to children in impoverished communities globally.

The first issue it will tackle would be clean water, sanitation, and hygiene sector solutions.

“Multi-stakeholder partnering in this way will maximise our impact and efficiency for those who need our help the most,” said Prasanna De Silva, World Vision International’s Senior Director Operations for South Asia & Pacific Region in an official press statement.

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“The incubator signals a new era of collaboration that will encourage new ideas to tackle complex development problems and humanitarian issues,” he added.

By basing in its incubator in Singapore, World Vision International will be able to leverage on the country’s advanced clean water and sanitation technologies.

“Singapore is a safe sandbox for startups to such to create innovative solutions that tackle bigger global issues. Being part of Asia P3 Hub allows us to work with larger public and private organisations driven by the same goal, to create new market-driven solutions for the problems around us,” said David Pong, Chief Executive of WateROAM and co-creator of ROAMfilter Lite, a portable water filtration system, in an official press statement.

World Vision International claims to be the largest non-governmental provider of clean water in the developing world. It says that at least 635 million people in Asia do not have access to clean water.