Location-based social network service Yahoo! Koprol celebrated their first anniversary under Yahoo! on July 7 by giving members of the media a look into its new user-interface features.

Among the features that were revealed include Onboarding, which makes it easier for users to check in and understand how Koprol works; People Finder, which allows people to connect with others nearby; Hovercard, which makes it easier to look into a user’s profile; Hot Tags, which lists out popular topics and events; and Koprol Stamp, the reward system for active and social users. Also shown was the Koprol widget, which enables users to display Koprol streams to their blogs or websites.

At the press conference celebrating the anniversary, Yahoo!’s Country Manager Pontus Sonnerstedt said that Koprol has become an Indonesian success story since its acquisition on May 24. “Yahoo! believes in the constant innovation of products that fuel technology growth in new-to-net markets. We have made it a priority to enhance the service offerings on Koprol to make it easier to socialize on our platform.”

In the year under Yahoo!, Koprol saw 20-fold increase in its membership, which now stands at 1.5 million globally. The service is being used in America, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam, but 80% to 90% of its users are based in Indonesia, according to  Yahoo! Koprol co-founder Satya Witoelar.

Also mentioned during the event was “Koprol for Business”, which is a  free, location-based marketing solution for SMEs and corporations who want to socially engage with their customers. Since its launch in February, more than 3,000 businesses have registered with the service, including Rockto, AHA Broadband, Telkomsel, Nexian, and Burger King.

“We will continue on our journey as Indonesia’s first location-based service to offer relevant, affordable and highly effective marketing solutions for SME entrepreneurs and enable them to effectively target potential customers,” said Witoelar.

Koprol can be used on major smartphone platforms such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS, while feature phone users can run Koprol by downloading the Java app.