Cats are generally solitary, but it wouldn’t hurt to give them the stimulation they need from their human owners/playthings. Which is why a man by the name of Lee Miller and nine other creatives started a Kickstarter page for a project called the Kittyo, a remote device that interacts with your cat while you’re away.

The device is shaped like a blender. Its front panel emits a red laser light and its bottom section dispenses treats with a trigger from the iOS or Android device app (which runs on Wi-Fi). The Kittyo comes with a shelf mount to make it stable and prevent it from being knocked over. Other than that, users can activate the device remotely to watch your cat, communicate with it, and even record its antics. You can thank Ion Design for the funky coffee machine look of the Kittyo; its mass production will be handled by Eastbridge Engineering.

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How did this idea came to be? According to the Kickstarter video on the Kittyo, Miller was inspired from his experience taking care of a friend’s kitten. Its owner kept texting for photos and updates; this led him to believe that cat owners do miss their pets no matter how long they’re apart.

Unsurprisingly in an age where cats and kittens will trend on the internet until the apocalypse, the page garnered US$121,105 within a few hours; that’s four times its original goal of US$30,000. As of right now, the campaign has amassed US$149,830.

The Kittyo will be out in November for all cat owners to use. Head here if you’re interested in contributing.

The Kittyo will cost US$189, but pledging US$139 on the page will net you a US$50 discount. This doesn’t exclude the extra US$25 for shipping outside the US though.

This does beg the question: will we see a dog-tending or rabbit-catered equivalent of the Kittyo down the line if this Kickstarter project delivers as promised on a worldwide scale?