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The event industry is huge business. Everyday, there are a lot of events happening, providing opportunities for companies and startups to offer solutions to make event management simpler and more efficient. Zeguestlist is one such startup. Based in Singapore — with a presence in both the Singaporean and Norwegian market — Zeguestlist offers an advanced event management solution for event organizers. Zeguestlist is cofounded by Gael Sydness, Jonathan Ivarsson, Daniel Lundberg and Roger Hinders. To find out more about Zeguestlist, we got in touch with Gael, Managing Director of Zeguestlist.

History of Zeguestlist

“The idea for Zeguestlist was born mid 2010 when iPads and tablets where still something quite new. Even, in 2010 we lived in a world very much dominated by technology, and curiously enough, guest lists for events and at the door in nightclubs where almost always printed out in paper format and used on a clipboard. In search of finding a better solution, inspired by the novelty of the iPad and with many years background in both the event and tech industry, the idea of a mobile guest list powered by a tablet was born.

“Since then, Zeguestlist has integrated many new features to this mobile guest list and it has become so much more than just a mobile guest list. We are now on a mission to fill all the gaps in the event management end-to-end model using and integrating the best technologies in a seamless way.”

What is Zeguestlist?

“We aim at making life as convenient and mobile as possible for anyone organizing an event, ensuring they deliver a smooth seamless experience to their guests from start to finish without any interruptions. Constantly building on our mobile guest list solution we have integrated invitation, registration, a ticketing system with online payment and QRcode scan check-in, RFID/NFC check-in, SMS, name badge print, questionnaire functionality, statistics and much more. You can access it all anytime and anywhere through your Smart-Phone, Tablet or Computer.

“Your guests build your event guest list and you simply login to check-in guests on the event day. You can speed this up and avoid common guest arrival bottlenecks by scanning QR code tickets and RFID/NFC tags using only your Zeguestlist enabled Smart-Phone. Name badges can also be printed automatically upon check-in instead of organizing and searching for badges on a table when guests arrive. In addition to this, you can setup welcome SMS, send questionnaires and collect valuable statistics from each point throughout the event. Zeguestlist does the work for you, leaving your guests happy with a great event experience. Zeguestlist is both the event organizers’ and guests’ best friend.”


The team behind Zeguestlist

“There are four founders in our team, taking the role of Managing Director, CTO, Head of Product Development, and Junior Programmer. Our team, jointly, has over 10 years of experience in both the event and conference industry and over 10 years of experience in web development and technologies such as SMS gateways, liquid bar codes and online payment systems. Our combined experience in both industries puts us in an ideal position to be able to delivery not only a technically good system but also a system optimized to solution many problems for event organizers.”

Traction and revenue model

When asked about Zeguestlist’s traction, Gael shared that they have clients and users from nightclubs to event companies, member associations, as well as corporate clients. Today, including all types of users, approximately 40 to 50 individual events go through the Zeguestlist system per month. Gael also added that they use a “volume discount based pay-as-you-go model,” charging a small fee per functionality used. For Zeguestlist, there is a fee per invitation, registration, per check-in and so on, and the more you use the system the lower these fees becomes. Basically, customers pay for what they use.

On top of this, there is also a small setup fee and small account maintenance fee per year for recurring customers.

Zeguestlist recently closed a round of funding in early September. The seed round of S$190,000 is invested by 8capita along with a few other private investors. Prior to the funding, Zeguestlist has been bootstrapped since mid-2010.