Zing’s 5-year dominance in Vietnam

By Jacky Yap

Zing is one of the leading websites in Vietnam. They have more popularity than websites like Twitter, WordPress, Wikipedia and LinkedIn.

If you love technology, you should be very familiar with names like Yahoo!, Blogspot, Wikipedia, WordPress, Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn. They are all popular websites that has huge traffic all around the world. That was what I thought. Apparently, there is one country where they are taken over by a local website and fall behind in terms of awareness and online traffic – Vietnam. In Vietnam, one of the top visited website is Zing. is made up of a whole range of entertainment portals which provides access to news and music, social networking services, a gaming platform, instant messaging, and online payment. is run by VNG Corporation, an internet company whose main businesses are game publishing, e-commerce and of course, social networking sites.

In Vietnam, Zing’s online traffic only falls behind Google, Facebook, YouTube (Google) as well as their local news website VnExpress. Alexa verifies this, naming it the top six website in Vietnam (as of September 10, 2012).

Zing Vietnam Alexa

Launched back in 2007, Zing has had several key milestones. shared with us Zing’s important milestones over the last few years. The infographic included a few key points we like to highlight:

  • Zing News was launched on August 2007.
  • Zing because the top site in Vietnam with the highest traffic a year later.
  • Zing Me became the biggest social network in Vietnam with 911,000 active members per month in September 2009.
  • Zing launched their mobile apps (iOS and Android) in October 2010.
  • Zing phone launched.
  • A million photos are uploaded per day onto Zing Me in May 2012.
  • Zing News generates over 417 million pageviews a month.
  • Users listen to over 7.1 million songs daily on Zing MP3.

Speaking about the music industry, Vietnam’s largest Internet music company, NCT Corp., recently launch their own social network in August. How have they been doing? Judging from the huge traffic and explosive traction, the Vietnam market is clearly dominated by Zing. Perhaps that is why music streaming subscription provider Deezer, which recently launched in Malaysia and Singapore, have no plans to enter the competitive market in Vietnam but instead focuses on Indonesia and the Philippines.

View a snapshot of the infographic below or click to view the complete infographic.

Zing infographic

Image Credits: Alexa,

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