Zopim Live Chat logoA customer engagement tool that helps online businesses impress customers and increase sales conversion, Zopim Live Chat has helped more than 50,000 online businesses deliver instant customer happiness through its real time chat interaction. 

Growing from a scrappy startup in Singapore 2008 to idea, to market-validation, to scaling their operations for immense growth, Zopim has now more than 50,000 businesses using Zopim actively each day, with more than 18 million messages sent per month and more than 900 million pageviews per month.

Visualization customer demographics in clustersThe new launch of Zopim 2.0 will feature a HTML5 dashboard that replaces the old Flash version and focuses on user experiences and simplicity. Other exciting features include improved up analytics for better real time visitor insights such as user’s motivation, thought process, interest, background, and even face. Visitor demographics will be represented in gorgeous visualizations too.

There would also be automated alerts in Zopim 2.0 when important customers drop by the site to engage in very specific target marketing. Also known as Zopim Triggers, this feature will inform you when someone important comes to your site searching for your company or a product you’re selling, or clicking on an adword you advertised, to even reading a blogpost you sponsored.

Foreign chats will now also be automatically translated together with the release of a native iPhone app to make chatting on-the-go, seamless and fun.

The 5 founders of ZopimA Singapore startup that has made waves overseas, surpassing their US counterparts and even receiving an acquisition offer from a NASDAQ listed competitor, Zopim is proud to be one of the Asian startups with no famed investors or famous founders, no inside networks, yet outperformed many companies born and breed in the US.

Therefore, as a show of support to home grown and asian startups, Zopim is offering a 47% discount with the following discount code “NDP2012” off any plans, including their special startup package. Limited to the first 100 redeemed.