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StoreDot raises US$42M to make 30-second batteries a reality

StoreDot, a two-year-old Israeli tech company, has announced the completion of a US$42M Series B funding round. Its flash battery charges your phone in 30 seconds Today StoreDot, a two-year-old Israeli company that applies bio-organic nanotechnology to energy storage devices and mobile displays, announced the completion of a Series B funding round at the tune


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Can the Internet of Things transform India?

Smart technologies that can help save electricity, reduce pollution, monitor health of citizens is what India needs. Is IoT the answer? Imagine a world where you no longer need physical presence of a coach to get you to exercise. How about the idea of having your mobile phone as the key to your house which you



[Singapore] Smart Nation: Data Works

Bringing together tech companies, developers, and public organisations to debate the latest data trends Synopsis: As the world enters a data revolution, businesses and organisations are just beginning to understand how data can be used and to explore the many possibilities this can offer. For the first time ever, IDA is presenting an unique two-day