“Why to not not start a startup”

- Paul Graham


From the moment of its inception, it was very clear to our founders what e27 had set out to do; give every startup a winning chance! What started out as a blog to keep track of the startups sprouting in Singapore has continued to evolve with time to ensure that we could continue to provide the relevant tools and resources to the tech ecosystem in Asia.

We know it’s hard to build a successful business, and this is compounded when you have to strike out alone. With e27 you will be plugged into a community of people who can become mentors, partners, investors, colleagues, and customers. Now you can come to a place where you find news, community events, talent, and funding! Basically everything you need to build a billion-dollar company.

Meaning of e27

The "e" stands for entrepreneurs, the crazy bunch of us working towards groundbreaking innovations. Also, we are in the digital industry! Our founders were inspired by an article that Paul Graham had written “Why to not not start a startup” and he mentioned that 27 was the median age of entrepreneurs. Thus, e27 was born in 2007.

Our Vision

"We believe that every startup deserves a fair chance to succeed"

Our Mission

"To empower entrepreneurs with the tools to build and grow their companies"

Our Values

What do we do?

News: Plug into the nexus of information

e27’s publishing arm produces articles that covers news on funding, startup and entrepreneur profiles, product reviews, and resource articles to level-up your startup.

Events: Stay connected to the heartbeat of the community

e27 organizes events around the region for participants to share industry trends, regulations, and examples of how you can overcome barriers so that everyone can leverage on the knowledge that rests within some of the brightest minds of the region.


For two days, microcosm of Asia’s tech ecosystems gather in various cities across APAC to celebrate startups at the forefront of disruption, and for thought leaders to convene together and build relationships that transcends country borders.


A single day invite-only conference for investors to share industry trends, regulations in the region, and overcoming barriers so that everyone can leverage on the knowledge that rests within some of the brightest minds of the region.

Founders Drinks

e27’s monthly event where founders and industry thought leaders share their industry acumen with the startup community over beers.

Community Events

Everyday dozens of events takes place across APAC that tech enthusiasts can attend.

Database: Connecting startups and investors

We know how taxing it can be when startups are raising funds. Trying to figure out which venture capital or private equity you should be reaching out only compounds this problem. With the database, startups and investors can discover each other and indicate their interest in each other.

Jobs: Linking tech enthusiasts to internet companies

Some of the best internet startups are on the look out for the right talent to join them. But the talent might not even be in the same country as them. With e27, tech enthusiasts can now apply for a position in their favorite internet companies!