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Traditional advertising still works, and your business should explore multiple channels for best reach

Traditional advertising is not dead; It can still reach real people as an effective means of brand-building 

Turner makes 'significant' investment in POPS Worldwide, owner of top YouTube channel in Vietnam

Turner Asia Pacific recently launched its animated platform Boomerang in Vietnam via POPS Worldwide 

VoxWeb, a social network that allows you to add voice caption to pictures, raises US$1M funding

VoxWeb allows creation of speaking pictures by enabling users to add voice note of up to 11 seconds to an image 

118 startups are pitching for TOP100 Fight Club, showcasing the best in Asia at Echelon Asia Summit 2017

From mobile to net, music to real estate, and cloud to hardware, these TOP100 Fight Club startups showcases the best of their various industries. Catch them at Echelon! 

This app makes your SMS inbox organised and intuitive; sends you contextual offers based on the content

SMS Sunami understands the context of messages and automatically classifies them into a set of predefined categories such as bills, entertainment, food, health, tickets 

Online lending platform for salaried professionals LoanTap raises US$4M to take on Sequoia-backed MoneyTap

LoanTap offers EMI-free loans which require an applicant to only serve monthly interest on the loan outstanding while he can schedule principal payments based on his projected incentive or bonus credits 

You should understand the pain points of your consumers, plus insights on expansion, going to market, and bridging gaps from PayMaya COO

We sat down with Paolo Azzola and talked about being ahead of your time, revolving around your consumers, and the value of being hungry. 

Engagement is key to growing your market and keeping customers happy

Transformative and cost-effective content marketing can be a viable means to customer acquisition and retention