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China matters, and founders should take note and stop pretending otherwise

China may yet be the biggest market for just about anything -- not tomorrow, but today 

3 things freelancers should learn when shifting to a management role

Managing people is not just about getting things done; It's about building meaningful connections and relationships 

Butler In Suits helps busy millennials outsource home management, and its founder is only 24 years old

Its solution claims be 20 per cent cheaper than the cost of a traditional domestic helper 

Insurtech today is on the same trajectory as fintech was a few years ago (but not in Southeast Asia)

The formation stage is over, and now its the time for companies that create value-add services for end clients 

Didi considering US$6B investment from SoftBank, the biggest tech funding in China

Existing investors Tencent and Apple are said to be mulling whether to participate on a pro-rata basis to avoid dilution of shares 

How we growth-hacked from zero to 2 million users without raising any money

It's all about optimisation, engagement, and an excellent user experience 

How AR enables me to plant a tree in a rain forest in Indonesia without leaving Singapore

Take a look at how the Into the Wild initiative leverages AR to take corporate social responsibility to the next level 

8 Singapore startups raised funds this quarter, with healthcare taking the spotlight

Singapore startups in healthcare took the lion's share at over 50 per cent of funding. 

The Jay Kim Show: Tucker Max on why entrepreneurs should write books

On The Jay Kim Show, Tucker Max offers advice on how to make money as an entrepreneurial author (it's not from selling books