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Amazon arrives in Southeast Asia, e-commerce giant will launch in Singapore this week

After months of speculation and rumours, Amazon will be launching in Southeast Asia this week via Singapore 

Tencent invests in Indian edtech startup Byju's to help it grow through acquisitions

The Byju's app creates personalised learning programmes for individual students based on their proficiency levels and capabilities which help them learn at their own pace and style 

Microsoft in talks to pump up to US$100M into Indian cab-hailing company Ola

Earlier there were reports that Japanese telecom and Internet giant SoftBank was looking to invest up to US$300 million in Ola 

Captain's Log, July 25: SoftBank may invest billions in Uber, Mobike rides in to Italy

In other news, Communications platform for frontline staff Noticeboard gets US$1.2M in funding and Blockchain startup Everex gets US$500K in funding 

Why countries should be more open to skilled migration

Countries cannot have restrictive skilled-immigration laws while simultaneously hoping to compete in the tech economy 

e27 discussions, is Artificial Intelligence an existential risk to humanity?

Elon Musk says Artificial Intelligence is a "fundamental existential risk", Mark Zuckerberg called his comments irresponsible. Who is correct? 

In Photos, new Spacemob location brings similar aesthetics, hi-tech focus, to the forests of Singapore

Spacemob Ascent is located near a world-class University, high-tech research facilities and the city's startup hub at one-north 

Report: Alibaba in talks to invest US$500M in Indonesian e-commerce platform Tokopedia

Previously, Tokopedia has been reported to be in talks with Alibaba rival JD for an investment 

Every business is now into technology, hence the need for better tech recruiting platforms, says Harishankaran K of HackerRank

HackerRank's technical recruiting platform assesses software developers' actual coding skills to match them with the right job