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Leverage on e27's expertise to get access to our global audience of entrepreneurs, startup founders, professionals, venture capitalists, angel investors, government agencies and policy makers.
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Unlock the power of collaborative innovation as we work hand in hand to co-create tailor-made solutions, ensuring your goals and objectives are always at the heart of our strategic approach.

Exclusive themed events

At e27, we specialise in crafting and hosting exclusive themed events tailored to your needs. Our mission is to create a platform that not only explores new opportunities but also exposes your key stakeholders to innovation and drives enablement for your business units.

From roundtable discussions, demo days, and other product or program showcases, experience the power of tailoured events that drive growth, foster collaboration, and spark innovation.

Market access programs

Create and seize global opportunities. Leverage on e27’s network and expertise to create market access programs that help pave the way for innovation and disruptive tech to enter into new markets, facilitate meaningful business connections, and accelerate growth.

Through targeted sourcing and personalised facilitation, connect with potential startups, investors, partners, and customers who share your vision and help you move your business forward.

Bespoke accelerator program

Unlock the potential for innovation and rapid growth with an accelerator program tailored for you. We’ll help you handpick promising startups, match them with your goals, and provide expert mentorship that is aligned with your innovation opportunities to drive your success.

From selection of relevant participants, creation of structured mentorship programs, and mounting of showcase events, we will help you plan and execute programs that allow you to work with startups that fit your objectives.

Business matching

Foster relationships through meticulously crafted business matching programs that are perfectly attuned to your objectives and vision. Connect with emerging startups, venture into uncharted markets, explore groundbreaking innovations, and establish contact with influential industry leaders and decision-makers

By employing precise sourcing and individualized facilitation, we enable you to engage with startups, investors, partners, and customers who align with your vision, propelling your business towards its goals.

Check out our past projects
We have built a proven track record in creating, curating and delivering an exhaustive range of programs impacting innovation stakeholders in Southeast Asia.


Project objective

Connect with growth leaders across Southeast Asia via a dynamic series of initiatives, encompassing roadshow events, content creation, and strategic networking.

What was delivered

End-to-end project management that includes content creation, panelists selection, event promotion, and onsite event management and hosting for roadshow events across 5 key cities in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.


Total duration of the project is 6 months.

Results Achieved

  • 600+ growth leaders in attendance across 5 cities.
  • Speakers from AirAsia SuperApp, Bluebird,, Jobstreet, Socialla, Zalora and other industry leaders.
  • Curated roadshow series content that facilitated in-depth discussions and knowledge-sharing among marketing and product professionals in the region.

SAFE STEPS Disaster Tech Awards

Project objective

Uncover and champion the most groundbreaking ideas and startups equipped with technologies applicable in the phases before, during, or after disasters strike. 

What was delivered

End-to-end program management that includes call for applications, startup selection, management of virtual events such as the official launch, initial pitching activities, and mentorship sessions, and the showcase pitch event for the finalists.


Total project duration is 6 months

Results Achieved

  • 100% achievement of startup applications target
  • 6 startup finalists pitching on a special stage during Echelon Asia Summit 2023
  • Estimated 150 audience for the finals from VCs, sustainability enablers, and key stakeholders in the region

Meta Community Accelerator Program

Project objective

Empower visionary communities in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Australia by delivering a customised program, facilitating sustainable growth, and catalyzing positive impact

What was delivered

End-to-end program that includes pairing participants with dedicated mentor, tailored coaching sessions, partnership building through networking events and collaboration opportunities, growth acceleration through workshops and various other resources.


Total project duration is 7 months

Results Achieved

  • Supported 32 communities across APAC and connected them to relevant ecosystem partners.
  • One community reached a 95% increase in Facebook Community pageviews, providing more visibility and increase in followers.
  • Once community achieved 33% engagement growth
  • Funding opportunities became accessible for communities

JETRO Market Access Series Programme

Project objective

Foster robust business collaboration between Japan and Singapore with the aim of empowering Japanese startups to expand their operations not only in Singapore but across ASEAN.

What was delivered

A customised program that includes one-on-one matched mentorship sessions,opportunities to connect with potential partners, investors, and customers based on matching business objectives, and improving participants branding visibility across various media platforms.


Total project duration is 6 months

Results Achieved

  • Facilitated Demo Day with over 200 attendees
  • 50% of Dem Day attendees are investors
  • 80% of Demo Day attendees are looking for business opportunities with the participants
  • 130+ connections made between participants and investors and other strategic partners

Vision Program Demo Day

Project objective

Empower early-stage Taiwan-based startups with the tools and support needed to secure funding, gain invaluable mentorship, and access extensive networking opportunities.

What was delivered

A customised program that includes mentorship , funding opportunities through pitch events and investor introductions, and branding and visibility, and enhance visibility of startups on various platforms that culminated into a Demo Day event.


Total project duration is 7 months

Results Achieved

  • 10 Taiwan-based startups participated in the program
  • Each participant had 2-3 dedicated mentors that provided tailored guidance and industry insights to help drive their growth and cultivate strategic partnerships
  • 200+ attendees for the Demo Day held in Singapore

Zoom Roundtable Discussion

Project objective

Gather VCs of certain profiles from across Southeast Asia for a closed-door intimate setting to facilitate Zoom's objective to foster relationship and share about their capabilities

What was delivered

End-to-end project management that includes programme planning and creation, logistics preparation, VC selection and invitation, and overall onsite event management and hosting of a closed-door roundtable event held in Singapore.


Project duration is 3 months

Results Achieved

  • 100% achievement of event attendance target
  • 100% of attendees are the target profiles of Zoom
  • Clear and concrete opportunities for Zoom to engage with startups VCs portfolio after the event
What our partners say about us

“e27 has delivered more than 100 D-Tech applications with quality, and able to connect and engage the tech ecosystem to support the entire end-to-end process of D-Tech Awards smoothly and effectively.”

Nicole Ngeow

Director, Prudence Foundation

“Loved working with your team, you clearly have a strong culture and care about the program and the participants. I know first hand how hard it is to run programs like this, so well done on making the entire experience a really good one.”

Gina Romero

Founder, Connected Women and Coach at Meta Community Accelerator

“You are the most supportive incubation team that I have ever met. Turing Chain thanks you! You are our key to the SEA market.”

Jeff Hu

Founder and CEO, Turing Chain, Vision Program participant

“Very streamlined and great quality of both input and output of work.WeI appreciate the timely communications.”

Marketing Manager

B2B AI cloud platform

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  • What is e27 Innovate and how can it benefit my organization?

    e27 Innovate is e27 programmes facilitating collaboration and partnerships between different stakeholders such as corporate-startup, startup-investor, government-startup, government-corporate, startup-startup, etc. It can benefit your organization by providing access to innovative solutions, fostering digital transformation, and opening up new business opportunities.

  • How can my company partner or collaborate with startups through e27 Innovate?

    You can explore partnership opportunities by connecting with startups through e27 Innovate's events, networking platforms, tailored matchmaking services, bespoke innovation programmes such as startup sourcing projects, accelerator programmes, hackathons, etc. Reach out to the e27 Innovate team to discuss specific collaboration options.

  • Are there specific industry sectors or areas of focus for e27 Innovate?

    e27 network is inclusive of all verticals and industries. As such, we are able to plan and execute programmes across multiple sectors and help you discover and find startups relevant to your industry or explore cross-industry collaboration opportunities.

  • Can e27 Innovate help corporations with innovation and digital transformation initiatives?

    Yes, e27 Innovate offers resources and support to assist corporations with innovation and digital transformation efforts. You can tap into startup expertise and disruptive technologies to drive innovation within your organization.

  • Are there any membership fees or costs for participation?

    The specific costs associated with participation may vary. It's best to contact the e27 Innovate team for detailed information on membership fees and pricing structures.

  • Are there any successful case studies of corporations working with e27 Innovate?

    Yes, there are numerous success stories of corporations collaborating with startups through e27 Innovate. You can find these case studies on the platform's website or request specific examples from the e27 Innovate team.

  • How can I contact the e27 Innovate team to discuss collaboration further?

    You can contact the e27 Innovate team through their website's contact page or reach out to their support email at [email protected]. Our team will be happy to assist you further.