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Ideas to get you started

  • Your personal career trajectory
  • Your startup story, journeys, challenges, struggles, failures
  • All and any learnings you have experienced in your role at work
  • Team management techniques that worked for you, productivity hacks, etc.
  • How to find the perfect work-life balance
  • Tips for budding professionals, students entering the startup world
  • Your tryst with the pandemic and any significant experiences, pivots etc.
  • Opinions on current issues affecting the startup ecosystem

Good to keep in mind

We don’t have any rules, but these are good pointers to keep in mind



  • Keep it under 1500 words, split articles using short headings, as necessary
  • Keep it authentic and original. Your voice, your views and your story
  • Encourage your employees/peers to contribute
  • Make sure your e27 profile is complete with a bio, image and heading and create a profile for your company (we will tag it for branding)
  • Add links to media reports, stats, credible sources if your are quoting anyone
  • Write lengthy articles without breaks
  • Rehash existing content, submit press releases or articles that sound too promotional
  • Hire a ghostwriter/ content marketer
  • Submit an article via your company account or on behalf of anyone else (specially if you are a PR/Communications professional)
  • Add backlinks to product pages, websites, hostile sources

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