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Acko offers personalised insurance based on user consumption behaviours; raises US$30M in seed funding

Acko aims to make insurance straightforward that consumers don’t need to talk to multiple people to get advice or fill up forms 

EzCred provides loans to Indian consumers for purchases at retail shops; raises US$1M seed funding

Unlike traditional consumer finance companies, EzCred uses Aadhaar, eKYC and biometric-enabled authentication to process and disburse loans, avoiding paperwork 

Your bank tomorrow will be paperless, frictionless, and without a physical presence

Think about it, as a customer what do you need -- a bank or banking services? 

Social commerce goes beyond social; It also requires tweaking user behaviour

The true meaning of the word "social" in social commerce is actually the full context of your real life use cases where any social activity is involved 

Can decentralisation make for a more robust internet?

The new decentralised stack, by it’s inherent nature, leads to replication of the data and hence it might prevent a single point of failure 

Payments gateway firm Telr raises US$3M to scale operations and roll out new products in India, emerging markets

Telr's multiple payment methods like cards and online banking instantly enable businesses to accept and manage online payments via web, mobile and social media 

Singapore fintech startup 4xLabs offers solutions to forex firms; raises US$1.5M from Dymon Asia, OSK Ventures

4xLabs provides Biz4x that helps money changers to improve their topline by helping them acquire new business, optimise price setting, and scale their business 

As fintech startups drive innovation in the finance sector, the banking industry looks to catch up as demand for digital services increases

BNP Paribas runs an international hackathon in partnership with Plug and Play to drive banking industry innovation. 

Your online, mobile, and social behaviour are now data-points used by fintech startups and governments in scoring credit-worthiness

Imagine a world where authoritarian governments and fintech companies monitor everything you do, amass huge amounts of data on almost every interaction you make, and award you a single score that measures how “trustworthy” you are 

Pinjam wants to Uberise pawnbroking and lending to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses

Pinjam CEO and Co-Founder Teguh Ariwibowo also explains why he does not measure success through loan size