Indonesia Blockchain Hub launches to bring greater awareness of the technology

The Indonesia Blockchain Hub was launched as a result of a partnership between KADIN, Indonesia Blockchain Association, BEKRAF, and HARA 

Ready, set, hash: Blockchain-driven financial inclusion is getting attention from investors

A growing number of entrepreneurs are using blockchain technology to provide financial services to unbanked segments of the population, stoking considerable investor interest in the sector as well 

Coinhako debuts digital wallet service in Indonesia

Based on its population size alone, Indonesia is already an attractive market for Coinhako 

Blockchain tech lets indie app developers break monopolies and find financial freedom

Full decentralisation is seemingly the only way to go in order to provide transparency, free access to revenues and a wider market reach 

The future of cryptocurrency is bright in Thailand

About 50 Initial Coin Offering (ICO) projects prepare to launch, along with five portals and 20 crypto exchanges that will open for business in Thailand 

Bitcoin dominance is reason to worry amidst crypto price plunge

The price of Bitcoin is not a big deal on a macro level, but one indicator is problematic for the crypto space at large 

What are the limitations of smart contracts, and how can service-based organisations address these?

While many ideas around smart contracts usage are being generated, most of them are futile 

5 crucial questions to address before you pitch your ICO

Is your blockchain solution solving a real problem? 

Golden Gate Ventures launches new crypto fund LuneX Ventures

LuneX Ventures aims to close up to US$10 million within this year, will invest in five to 10 companies 

In a world of GDPR, mass surveillance, and overactive social sharing, businesses need to rethink data strategy

Businesses profit from user data, but users are no longer satisfied with this scenario