Limestone Network aims to transform Phnom Penh into a blockchain-enabled smart city

Once implemented, it will enable businesses, retail shops, consumers, tourists and visitors to interact with each other in a smarter and more effective manner 

Today's top tech news, May 17: Banks to invest US$50M in digital cash settlement project

The project aims to develop a system to make clearing and settlement in financial markets more efficient 

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Blockchain is redefining spatial analysis with real-world applications

Location intelligence can unlock the full potential of data 

Initial Exchange Offerings are a thing. Here is your catch up

In its most basic sense, an IEO is a crowdfunding campaign whereby the onus is on the exchange to run most of the sale 

Blockchain is revolutionising the real-estate market through fractional ownership

By making it possible to digitally represent properties on the platform, trading real estate properties will happen seamlessly without geographical restrictions 

How this startup uses blockchain to simplify the halal certification process

Indonesia's up-and-coming halal certification law means that there are 1.5 million businesses scrambling for a certification in the market 

Listen to these expert speakers at Echelon to know whether blockchain is just a hype or not

Some skeptics have still their doubts about the security, scalability and reliability of blockchain 

Implementing cryptocurrency and blockchain in the cybersecurity space

A safer online environment stems from innovative blockchain methods service providers use to protect their customers