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News  24, Apr 2013

11 Startups to pitch at Echelon Ignite Australia


echelon igniteOn May 8, we will be heading down to Sydney to organize our second Echelon Ignite following the previous one in Thailand. Here’s some updates on the event.

Great line up of speakers and Southeast Asia centric content

The main goal of Echelon Ignite Australia is to encourage startups in Australia to have a regional mindset when planning their growth as a startup. This goal is achieved through a Southeast Asia focused keynotes and panel of discussions.

Some of the key panels which will be taking place includes Southeast Asia in the eye of investors, regional case studies and investments, the state of the Australian tech ecosystem, and how Southeast Asia plays a role in its growth, and many more. For more information on the agenda, please head over to the Echelon Ignite Australia website.

You can register for the event here.

11 startups to pitch on stage 

Further to the keynote and panel of discussions, perhaps the highlight of any Echelon Ignite would be the startup pitches. We are humbled to have received many applications to pitch at Echelon Ignite Australia. After screening through all the applications, here are the 11 pitching startups:

  1. Airtasker
  2. AgendaSelects
  3. CloudHerd
  4. Divvy Parking
  5. DriveList
  6. Feedback Loop
  7. LawPath
  8. Mathspace
  9. Pocketbook
  10. (121Cast) SoundGecko
  11. WorkDivision

Not only will the 11 startups be pitching for the Most Promising Startup in Australia, the selected startup will have the the opportunity to pitch alongside 10 of Asia’s most promising startups at the main Echelon 2013 event on June 4.

Echelon Ignite: Australia is a one-day tech and business event for the Australian tech industry happening 8 May 2013. Join us and listen to content from leading Southeast Asia business mentors and experienced investors.

Echelon Ignite is brought to you by Optus and Singtel Innov8.

You can register for the event here.

Jacky Yap

Jacky Yap

Having spent one year abroad in Shanghai under the NUS Overseas College Programme, Jacky has an avid interest in entrepreneurship and web based startups. Jacky used to run N-House, Singapore's first entrepreneurial themed residence in NUS, and was also part of the organizing team for Startup Weekend Singapore 2012. You can reach him at jacky [at] e27 [dot] co

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