Asia's leading resource platform for innovation-led businesses, encouraging a new generation of technology leaders, creators, entrepreneurs and investors who are constantly impacting the marketplaces they work in.

Since 2007, e27 has kept it's pulse on technopreneurship in Asia by reporting on news, trends and investment deal flows taking place in the region as well as organizing community mixers such as the monthly Founders Drinks.

Sensing an emerging community of technopreneurs at the time, e27 organized its first Echelon conference in 2010 to connect technopreneurs with investor communities and is today regarded as the premier technology conference in Asia for startups and growth-stage businesses. The success of Echelon spun off a sister conference, Echelon Ignite, that has been running since 2012 with the aim of catalyzing local startup industries around Asia.

In February 2013, e27 raised a round of investment from B Dash Ventures (JP), Pinehurst Advisors (TW), Ardent Capital (TH), Dan Neary (SG), 8Capita (SG) and angel investors. This led to increased operations, events, services and joint ventures into Asia. Two new services, e27 Database and e27 Jobs were also launched to public beta.

With a keen eye on the future of business in Asia, e27 continues to connect and inspire a generation of leaders that aspire to impact lives through innovation and entrepreneurship.




e27.co is an Asia briefing focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and business needs. Combining high quality reporting, opinion pieces, business analysis of technology and digital trends as well as investment deal flows from Seed to IPO , readers of e27.co receive news and insights from a network of correspondents and contributors around Asia.


Echelon has been organized since 2010 and is Asia's premier tech conference for startups and growth-stage businesses in Asia. Connecting the region's tech startup ecosystem, thousands of delegates at the Satellites in cities around Asia and the main conference in Singapore, promising tech startups spend two days impressing regional investors, industry peers and media with their product and business innovations. Echelon highlights include the legendary Launchpad that has handpicked startup pitches selected from Satellites to convince a panel of industry veterans and investors why they are the most promising startup in Asia. The Startup Marketplace and Tech Alley also present a microcosm of Asia's most innovative technologies and companies and are a hit with investors, corporations and organizations looking to back game changing innovations.

Echelon Ignite

Echelon Ignite is a spin-off conference following the success of Echelon. While Echelon connects the region, Echelon Ignite is organized to catalyze local markets with business intelligence and knowledge sharing between investors, organizations and business owners. Providing expert knowledge in local markets and regional expansion, delegates are treated to valuable content and connections to grow their opportunities and market infrastructures.

Founders Drinks

Founders Drinks is a monthly mixer organized in Singapore to connect people with one another and gain insights through skill-sharing and networking. Held regularly in a casual, after-work drinks setting, Founders Drinks fosters fast friendships and potential business partnerships with companies working in the same industry. Founders Drinks is also held outside Singapore in various cities through partners around the region.


Tech industry focused jobs board powered by e27. Launched to public beta in August 2013 and allows postings from companies and job seekers.


Public database of tech companies, investment firms, organizations and individuals. Powered by e27 and launched to public beta in August 2013 with more than 1000+ companies listed and growing.