The e27 Team

e27 is the one stop tech resource platform for innovation-led businesses. Be on top of your game with the latest news, resources, events, and most importantly build your connections with other key players in the industry.

Why are we called e27?

The ‘e’ stands for entrepreneurs, the crazy bunch of us working towards groundbreaking innovations. Also, we are in the digital industry! Our founders were inspired by an article that Paul Graham had written “Why to not not start a startup” and he mentioned that 27 was the median age of entrepreneurs. Thus, e27 was born in 2007.

e27 Story

Our founders had no idea that the simple blog they started to keep track of their friends startup journey after their overseas entrepreneurship program would become an integral part of the Asian tech ecosystem.

Fast forward to 2015, and e27 has become a fully fledged tech media, events, and resource platforms that spans 14 countries in Asia Pacific region and the US, and has offsite teams in 5 countries.

e27 Philosophy

Our belief that every company deserves a fighting chance to make it and going out of our way to serve the community has helped e27 grow from a simple blog to an integral part of the tech community today. Our passion for technology, startups, and quality flows through everything we do.

The e27 Vision

Our vision is to build one connected tech industry without borders.

The e27 Mission

One-stop resource platform for technology-driven businesses, empowering them through knowledge, connection & interactions without borders.

The e27 Values

– Deliver excellence through service

– Passion for technology and startups is the fuel that drives us

– Collaborate to create borderless ecosystem

– Integrity to uphold neutrality and transparency

– Embrace risks and change