Appota, Vietnam’s mobile content marketplace, named Founder Institute’s most disruptive graduate


Vietnam's online content marketplace, Appota, logoVietnam’s mobile content marketplace, Appota, covers almost three million users in the country. Awarded most disruptive graduate by Founder Institute for 2012. 

Appota is a mobile content market platform that aims to distribute applications, films, e-books and games from developers and content provides to mobile users. The service began in December 2011 and have covered over three million mobile Internet users in Vietnam. Having graduated from Founder Institute, Appota was awarded the most disruptive graduate for the year 2012.

For developers and content providers. Appota offers access to millions of active smartphone and feature phone users. By supporting the most popular local payment methods in Vietnam, Appota allows users to easily purchase digital content on it’s platform. A feature that is really important in a country that is still developing it’s online payments infrastructure.

Appota's users by demographics in Vietnam

Appota’s user demographics (Credit: Appota)

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