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Joash Wee

Joash Wee

Joash is passionate about tech startups and building the technopreneur community. While completing his undergraduate business degree, he decided to take a programming class just for kicks. Fortunately for him, he managed to scrap a pass and it now helps him get by with the geek talk. When he is not discussing about startups or the latest technologies, you can find him reading off his Kindle or taking photos with silver halide salts, old school.

Latest by Joash Wee

Audio service startup 121cast launches personalized radio app Omny

Stop listening to what others want you to tune in to and create your very own radio program with Omny, brought to you by the creators of SoundGecko.
News 55
8, Oct 2013

‘Focus is unchanged’, BlackBerry assures developers

At BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013, Alec Saunders, VP - Developer Relations, assured continuity, highlighted key performing apps & partners; showcased BBM on Windows.
News 30
26, Sep 2013

Meet Coast, the Internet browser built for the mobile-first user

What drove Head of Coast by Opera, Huib Kleinhout, to redesign the mobile Internet browser?
News 51
20, Sep 2013

Fell in love with a new phone? Bounce Mobile will buy your old one

Brightstar Corporation launches Bounce Mobile in Singapore, an online service for consumers to trade in their old mobile devices.
News 29
16, Sep 2013

Lazada CEO: “Live and breathe the customer experience everyday”

Lazada's CEO, Maximilian Bittner, shares more about his thoughts on the e-commerce scene in Southeast Asia and what it takes to run a rapidly growing business.
News 53
16, Sep 2013

What strong founders can teach us

What can experienced founders of local startups teach us? Introducing the Founders Series.
News 104
9, Sep 2013

SingTel’s fibre optic JV platform OpenNet set to sell for US$99M

OpenNet, a joint venture between Axia NetMedia, SingTel, SPH and Singapore Power Telecommunications is set to be sold to CityNet, pending regulatory approval.
News 23
23, Aug 2013

Flexiroam offers to settle mystery victim’s US$37K roaming bill

Malaysian mobile roaming company, Flexiroam, has mounted a search for the “roaming victim” as its latest marketing campaign.
News 29
19, Aug 2013

Luxury travel portal The Luxe Nomad secures next funding of US$698K

The Luxe Nomad closes a US$698,000 next funding round led by Innosight Ventures, Zipan Enterprise Network and a silent partner.
News 19
16, Aug 2013

WeChat’s international user growth doubles over 3 months, now at 100M

Tencent’s WeChat crosses 100 million users outside of China. It now has a total of 235.8 million users.
News 41
15, Aug 2013

KDDI’s Mediba acquires ad tech startup ScaleOut

KDDI acquires demand-side platform ad tech company Scaleout Inc. for an estimated US$10 to US$15 million through its ad division Mediba.
News 18
5, Aug 2013

70% of Singapore’s consumers say online shopping can be overwhelming

Havas Worldwide’s latest study revealed key gaps in the demand and offer of online shopping in Singapore.
News 4
2, Aug 2013

GREE kills messaging app Tellit, bows out of Asia’s chat app wars

After a short year, GREE will be closing their messaging app, Tellit, this September.
News 35
1, Aug 2013

ShopAbout’s online shopping mall helps merchants succeed in e-commerce

ShopAbout is creating an online shopping mall to give offline merchants a better chance of competing against larger e-commerce players.
News 27
25, Jul 2013

Crowdfunding US$32M to build the Formula 1 of phones, the Ubuntu Edge

Canonical Ltd. crowdfunds a premium smartphone, the Ubuntu Edge, to allow developers to test new mobile technologies.
News 33
23, Jul 2013

Design Studio Workshop with Will Evans of The Library Corporation

Join Will Evans this October, and learn a systematic way to rapid generation of ideas for practical innovation in problem-solving.
News 19
23, Jul 2013

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