HackerspaceSG seeks funds to open new office in Singapore

The launchpad for events like BarCampSG & GeekcampSG is scouting for a new physical office in Singapore and is seeking funds from the community to raise SG$40K

hackerspace_movingHackerspaceSG, a community of Singapore-based hackers is seeking financial support from the industry to help it claim a new physical office. The community is hoping to raise about SG$40,000 that will help them run for the initial six months runway cost, which includes rent and operating expenses.

The current lease of HackerspaceSG’s office is ending on November 14, and the community members are already on active search for their new office.

“We’d really like to move into a place that can support a wide diversity of hackers (including hardware engineers), but we need time, and importantly, we need the resources to be able to fund the move and the potential renovations involved,” Ruiwen Chua of HackerspaceSG appealed to community members in an email.

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Interestingly, the community was launched with a commitment of six months membership in 2009, and since then it has not only been a launchpad for events like BarCampSG and GeekcampSG, but has also played host to the Python Platoon, the Ruby Brigade, the PHP Meetup, iOS Dev Scout, CodeAndroid, Hack and Tell, besides others. It has also been a home to successful startups like Viki.

Here’s how HackerspaceSG hopes to utilise the funds each month:

  • Target rent budget — SG$3,500
  • Operating costs (incl. internet, utilities, groceries, admin) — SG$1,800

In addition, HackerspaceSG hopes to meet the following annual costs from the funds (based off existing premises and operations):

  • Aircon maintenance — SG$500
  • Tax filing — SG$400

For the move, HackerspaceG expects to incur the following one-time costs:

  • Moving to new location – SG$1,100
  • Temporary storage if applicable – SG$600
  • Renovations if applicable – SG$3,000

The pledge to support HackerspaceSG can be made HERE

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Dhaleta Surender Kumar

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