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Software startups Internet DealbookThe Internet DealBook 2012 Report saw the total number of investment and acquisition deals in Asia Pacific rise from just 230 in 2011 to 424 in 2012, an almost 84 percent increase. Globally, significant investments were made in software while hardware was the focus for acquisitions.

Right Click Capital has released its Internet DealBook report on the annual global investment activities in 2012, happening from 1st January to 31st December. Within the year, over US$80 billion worth of  investment and acquisition activities were tracked globally through 4150 deals from public sources.

Taking a look at the Asia Pacfic region, total tracked investments amount dropped from US$4.14 billion to US$3.14 billion. However the number of investments made in the region from from 128 in 2011 to 265 , up 107 percent. Acquisitions in Asia Pacific grew from 102 to 159 with 2012 seeing a total disclosed acquisition value of US$5.99 billion over 2011’s US$1.67 billion, more than two-and-a-half times increase. The average deal value for acquisition in 2012 almost tripled compared to the year before with an increase from US$70 million per acquisition to US$200 million.

Interestingly enough, Singapore was pushed out from the Top 10 countries list in terms of deals by countries such as New Zealand, which made a jump into the top position in 2012 alone. The boost for New Zealand was helped by some significant deals such as the US$350 million exit of Wildfire to Google and Vodafone’s almost US$670 million acquisition of TelstraClear. Hong Kong also had a strong year in the merger and acquisitions space with CVC Capital Partners putting over US$640 million for its City Telecom acquisition and Equinix buying over Asia Tone for over US$230 million. The Pearl of the Orient also saw some significant investment deals such as mobile gaming company, Frenzoo’s, US$1 million investment from Consortium and software and services company QVIVO also raising a US$1 million funding round from SingTel Innov8. View the full report and compare it to the 2011 report.

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