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News  30, May 2012

Khailee, co-founder of Groupon Malaysia, talks about the Malaysian startup opportunities

Khailee Ng (Founder & CEO of SAYS.com)

Khailee Ng (Founder & CEO of SAYS.com)

Khailee Ng is the Founder & CEO of SAYS.com, a community of social media users who provide pay-for-performance social media content distribution services for leading brands. He is passionate about using products and business as a force of change.

He specialises in business model design, product design for community traction, team and culture design. He is also the co-founder of GroupsMore (now acquired by Groupon). He will be highlighting on what are the most subtle but powerful drivers of speed for product developers, what can we learn from the world’s fastest cloners, what are the most damaging Culture and belief barriers to speed, what are the new skills of speed, and what affects the speed of revenue.

Join him as he joins the panel discussion at Echelon 2012 on the Secrets to Speed, Execution, and Realizing ideas faster.

Tell us more about your background and what you do at SAYS.com

SAYS.com is a social content distribution pioneer, giving Malaysia’s largest advertisers their own social media army to ensuring their advertising efforts engage the social media generation. We’ve used SAYS.com to grow Malaysia’s leading group buying site, sold to Groupon last year. We’re currently expanding SAYS.com to the rest of the world. My job is to make sure I bring on the right team, and steer execution to get us there sooner than later.

How have you seen the Malaysian techs startup scene mature over the years?

We’ve a few success stories locally and abroad, more interest from the grassroots, as well as complementing funding options, but Malaysia as a space is still early in its journey towards being part of a more mature ecosystem.

What do you think startups in Malaysia need to give them that extra push to be global companies?

I believe many already have quite a global outlook – but need to keep strong with their ambition, as their peers may keep telling to ‘start small first’. Which can be both a good or bad thing.

For startups looking to expand into Malaysia, what would be some key points to note?

Go for it. Market here is ripe for exciting stuff. People here speak English, talent is widely available. Bring it on.

Khailee Ng (Founder & CEO of SAYS.com) is one of the awesome speakers at Echelon 2012. This tech conference is a two-day, double-track event on 11 and 12 June 2012 with over 1,100 delegates, a demo pit of up to 50 regional startups per day and various workshops. Get your tickets now!

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