Loadout sign-ups reach over two million users within two weeks


Developer Edge of Reality says the high numbers have lead to many timeouts and server difficulties that it’s currently improving

Image credit: Edge of Reality

Image credit: Edge of Reality

It’s not every day that a lone video game reaches its peak of concurrent user total in its prime. The third-person free-to-play shooter Loadout happens to be this year’s outlier as it managed to acquire over two million user accounts within a span of 14 days.

The shooter’s developer Edge of Reality said that the game had gone through server issues and in-game timeouts due to overwhelming demand. “Very few Steam titles have reached the peak concurrent users we achieved upon release. We’re committed to delivering an excellent game to our community.” Edge of Reality is currently looking for ways to improve its online infrastructure to satisfy ongoing demand.

Loadout is currently available on digital distribution site Steam for free. All in-game microtransactions are purely cosmetic, such as character taunts and costumes, so there’s no worry about the actual running-and-gunning and weapon-modding feature being blocked by a paywall.

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