PLDT partners to stream movies to Philippine subscribers

PLDT ClickplayPhilippine telco PLDT has partnered local movie-streaming service,, to provide free movies for its high-speed broadband subscribers.

In order to boost its fiber-optic offering, Philippine telco PLDT has partnered with Philippine Netflix equivalent,, to provide free movies for its Fibr broadband subscribers. is said to be the Philippines’ first online movie streaming provider with currently about 70 titles in its database and expects its numbers to hit 200 by March. The service lists movies from Hollywood and will soon include Filipino movies as well.

Under the partnership, Fibr package subscribers will receive the following added services:

  • Plan 3500 subscribers get three free movies
  • Plan 5800 subscribers get four free movies
  • Plan 8800 subscribers get 10 free movies
  • Plan 20,000 subscribers get 20 free movies

PLDT officials did mention at the launch that the number of free movies for each monthly plan could still be changed based on the pilot implementation. According to Gary Dujali, head of PLDT home broadband, the company is also looking into on demand service offerings. He also mentioned that the company is not putting any data cap on Fibr to allow subscribers to enjoy their online movies. also has plans to make the movies available on mobile devices such as iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Fibr is currently available in over 100 exclusive subdivisions in Metro Manila.

The telco mentioned at the launch that the partnership with is not exclusive and it is still open to other content providers. Ariel Fermin, head of PLDT’s home business also said that the company may eventually offer mature content, but stressed that it will be “very cautious” on this matter.


Image Credits: Newsbytes

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