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This smartpot helps monitor the growth of the sapling in your garden

This smartpot helps monitor the growth of the sapling in your garden

Christened Greenopia, the product has already got backing from 45 individuals on Indian crowdfunding site Wishberry Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining momentum in India. What is surprising is that many of the IoT companies in the country are taking the crowdfunding route to announce their arrival and raise some moolah for the product design

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Apple Watch to descend upon Asia on Apr 24; prices range US$349 – US$17K

Apple’s first foray in wearable market will see three editions — Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, Apple Watch Edition — release in select markets The time is nigh, dear readers! Save your paychecks, get your waiting-outside-an-Apple-store-tents ready and make sure your wrist has never looked better because Apple has just announced the launch date and full spec sheet of


Reality check: Should you enter the mobile app business?

As mobile apps continue to improve in quality and efficiency, entrepreneurs should think twice before entering such an over saturated space  Unless you are an established and award-winning mobile application company like Codigo or Zynga, it is pretty tough to make a living out of a mobile app-based business. Companies such as Singsys, Omnitoons and others


Boost e-commerce conversion the Apple way

Apply Apple’s minimalist techniques to make your e-commerce foray a success Let’s start with filling in the blank: e-commerce (or any web business) is a ________________ business. What’s your answer? Fundamentally, e-commerce is a conversion business. For example, out of 1,000 users visiting your site, how many of them will end up placing an order,

Image: New Apple Watch is pictured during an Apple event at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino

Weekly Cornerplay: It isn’t Steve Job’s Apple Watch

In this edition of the Weekly Cornerplay, Jeffrey Yuwono checks out the Apple Watch and concludes it’s not the watch Jobs would have made The Apple Watch is something I’ve been anticipating — Apple is the undisputed opinion leader of the gadget industry and its entry legitimises this nascent category. Apple did a lot of things right with the Apple Watch,


Top five weirdest app crazes

Here’s a list of the most unusual extremes of the app universe. Have you tried them? It looks like Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen is ready to spread his annoyingly simple yet insanely addictive wings again, this time with a new game called Swing Copters. To be released this week, Swing Copters is extremely similar to


Are you a techie in love with everything Apple? Check out these iOS dev jobs!

Are you an iOS developer looking for a change? Duriana and CrowdRadar have openings that might suit you to a T Even as Android has been on a roll lately with flagship phone releases from both tech giants like Samsung, LG and startups like OnePlus, Apple is certainly not sitting on its haunches, with its new


A no frills Kickstarter campaign to teach iOS coding

Learning iOS programming just got easier with a Kickstarter-backed course by UK-based developer Rob Percival With mobile apps being some of the most successful businesses these days, its no surprise that people everywhere want to learn to code so they can turn their ideas into products that hopefully will make it to everybody’s smart phones. This desire


Reach out to your consumers via Bluetooth with this contextual ad tool

Beacon-In is a mobile app through which brands can send product information, offers, coupons directly to the smartphones of the users in vicinity Founded by Aditya Haripurkar, who comes from the financial services segment of the corporate sector, the Social Mill is a creative content agency with offices in Singapore and India, and an innovative product,


Few hours left to support this iPhone crystal dock project

The Singapore-created Chiffon and Lumo currently has US$9,475 on its Kickstarter page; is inspired by a popular Asian cake It’s always the sparkly-yet-simple accessories for a smartphone that garner the most attention, and this Kickstarter project is no exception. Enter the Chiffon and Lumo; the former is a transparent crystal dock for your iPhone while


Apple unveils iOS 8 and a tonne of goodies at this year’s WWDC

The new OS for every single iPhone, iPad and iPod out there will be out this fall. What else did WWDC reveal? Startups with at least a slice of tech cred would have heard of Apple‘s Worldwide Developers Conference (abbreviated as WWDC because why not!) that takes place every mid-year. Usually it’s filled with a


Outblaze CEO joins Talent Unleashed’s star-studded judges panel

Yat Siu to judge Asia-based tech industry event alongside Steve Wozniak, Sir Richard Branson and others The Asian-based technology event Talent Unleashed Awards 2014 has added one more judge to its eclectic panel – Outblaze CEO and Founder Yat Siu.  He will be joining the panel alongside Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, Virgin Group Founder Sir Richard


What does Nike shutting its wearable tech hardware division mean?

Does this news signify increased crowding in the sports wearable market? What lies ahead? Last Friday, Nike announced that it would be stepping away from the wearable technology hardware market, with a layoff at its technology-focused Digital Sport division. Since 2012, Nike’s Digital Sport team has introduced the FuelBand wristband, which tracks aspects of its wearer’s


Patrick Grove, Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak in search for talent in APAC

They want to find Asia Pacific’s top tech superstars. What does that mean, and should you participate? The search is on. Malaysia’s Catcha Group CEO Patrick Grove will be joining the likes of Virgin Group’s Sir Richard Branson and Apple’s Steve Wozniak to scour talent in Asia Pacific, as part of the 2014 Talent Unleashed


Pocket guide to Vietnam’s mobile market in 2014

Vietnam is the fastest growing smartphone market in Southeast Asia. Here’s a pocket guide to conquer the mobile market in the country Vietnam will see more than 17 million smartphone shipments in 2014. The market will keep growing and attract more attention from investors in Asia. Here are a few trends this year to keep