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Police in Xinjiang, China disrupt phone services of some VPN users

By Elaine Huang | Nov 25, 2015

"Due to police notice, we will shut down your cellphone number within the next two hours," one user was told in a text message Read More

Meet Qlapa, Indonesia’s Etsy for local handicrafts

By Anisa Menur | Nov 24, 2015

The platform allows customers to pre-order and customise their purchases Read More

Facebook was wrong to open Safety Check after Paris attacks

By geektime | Nov 24, 2015

Using this important feature for violent instances will end up doing more harm than good Read More

These couples-only apps have your love life covered

By Tech for Korea | Nov 23, 2015

Are you both introverted and prefer to 'Netflix and chill' or are you two the more outgoing type? Worry not, there is an app for each of you Read More

Infographic: What are the hottest online jobs now?

By Yon Heong Tung | Nov 20, 2015

Online creative projects are surging, Microsoft ramps up its online jobs pool, and visual-heavy social media startups are taking centre stage Read More

Are Indian startups headed for a bubble burst?

By Raj K Mitra | Nov 17, 2015

Most firms are on ventilators from day one; their survival is dependent on their ability to outlive cash haemorrhaging, says investment expert Raj K Mitra Read More

5 keys to cracking the Instagram code

By The Entourage | Nov 16, 2015

Instagram, a newer entrant in social media, requires a different strategy than Facebook or Twitter, as it is extremely community-focussed Read More

The peaks and valleys of Internet.org

By Kevin McSpadden | Nov 16, 2015

Internet.org is in an existential crisis. Does the impact of free Internet outweigh legitimate concerns around the initiative? Read More

A quick guide to investing in startups

By Alejandro Cremades | Nov 11, 2015

Investing in startups is trending, but the million-dollar issue is to generate outsized returns and make real money with minimal risk. Entrepreneur Alejandro Cremades shows us how Read More

No, SEO industry is not in the death throes yet

By Dan Clarke | Nov 10, 2015

According to SEO expert Dan Clarke, with the proliferation of mobile apps, a sound SEO strategy is required to get your brand to the top of the Google search page Read More

12 tips to investing like VC Yuri Milner

By Vladislav Solodkiy | Nov 09, 2015

Life.SREDA's Vladislav Solodkiy gives us the lowdown on how the far-thinking Founder of DST Global does what he does best -- invest in groundbreaking startups Read More

From Ordinary to Tech: How her e-craft store changed Sarah Jagger's life

By Anisa Menur | Nov 06, 2015

Not all digital nomads are single guys who travel the world to surf; Sarah Jagger of Domestic Objects shows you how she differs Read More

People say I built Facebook...that's not true: Mark Zuckerberg

By Ishita Russell | Oct 29, 2015

The Founder and CEO talks about his interest in India, how technology can give people super powers and much more in his recent town hall Read More

‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’: Judgement vs empathy in a ‘Facebook-world’

By Melvin Yuan | Oct 27, 2015

Entrepreneur Melvin Yuan on how a 'Like' button on Facebook has limited our capacity to express our thoughts thoughts for fear of being judged, and his proposed solution Read More

Infographic: Two charts to breakdown mobile payment platforms

By Kevin McSpadden | Oct 23, 2015

Tech is jumping on the money transfer service bandwagon; as your messaging app becomes a payment tool, keep these statistics in mind Read More

NASSCOM and Facebook team up to help the Indian startup ecosystem

By Ishita Russell | Oct 16, 2015

Facebook will offer US$80,000 worth of support to developers and students qualified under the new NASSCOM 10,000 Startups initiative Read More

Video: The 5 most exciting tech product reveals of the last 10 years

By Kevin McSpadden | Oct 14, 2015

Sometimes, the buzz a product generates makes it clear that a company struck gold Read More

16 successful entrepreneurs who made millions 'online'

By Sainul Abudheen K | Oct 12, 2015

Here is an infographic of 16 tech entrepreneurs who made millions of dollars doing what they are most passionate about Read More

40 brands that rock at word-of-mouth marketing

By Jon Tan | Oct 06, 2015

Word-of-mouth marketing is the buzzword on every company's mind. Learn how to leverage it for your company with this comprehensive guide Read More

In photos: Facebook Singapore's new digs

By Kevin McSpadden | Sep 29, 2015

With aesthetics reminiscent of a Brooklyn warehouse, Facebook's Singapore office is a visually pleasing and welcoming environment Read More

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