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How Indonesia’s new Prez leveraged the most viral political Facebook page

How Indonesia’s new Prez leveraged the most viral political Facebook page

She was behind the ‘The Jokowi Effect’. Farina Situmorang talks about her role in the digital campaign, the selfie the President took, and much more   Towards the end of 2013, Farina Situmorang had a hunch that the digital marketing skills she had honed in Silicon Valley could help the outcome of elections in Indonesia. Having

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Twitter to open office in Indonesia

Twitter would be the second social media giant to establish an office in the country after Facebook Image Credits: Twin Design/ Shutterstock Twitter, the social-networking giant, plans to open an office in Indonesia in the next three to six months. The news was confirmed by Adam Brain, Twitter’s Global President of Revenue and Partnership, in an

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RedMart hires Perx Founder Jon Sugihara

Sugihara will be responsible for the vision, creation and management of all new products and report directly to Roger Egan, RedMart’s CEO RedMart.com, a Singapore­ based online grocer, has appointed Jon Sugihara as the Head of New Products. Sugihara will be responsible for the vision, creation and management of all new products at RedMart, and will


Why start up a game company in Thailand?

The creator of social puzzle games Jungle Cubes and Juice Cubes Pocket PlayLab says cost, talent and lifestyle are the reasons why the country is fast becoming a favourite among startups There’s an axiom most of us must have heard before: “stick to what you know.” Thai-based game company Pocket PlayLab seems to be paying a

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Weekly Cornerplay: Why you needn’t rebel Facebook enforcing Messenger

This edition reviews Facebook Messenger (including permissions) and concludes “it’s cool” Welcome to the  Weekly Cornerplay, a weekly guest column where each week we analyse a tech product or service. Facebook is in the press lately because the company is forcing users to communicate with friends through a separate Messenger app instead of the main Facebook app. The former is #1 on


[Singapore] TRENDING #04 – How To Drive Your Business Growth With Facebook Marketing

Learn more about running a successful Facebook marketing campaign in the latest edition of the TRENDING event   Synopsis: For the 4th edition of TRENDING, we will share with you how to run an effective ad campaign on the largest social media platform in Singapore and the world. I’m sure you know which one we are


9 ways social media can help you deliver exceptional customer service

How can companies make use of social media like Twitter or Instagram to engage their customers? Tracy Foster from ONA shares 9 tips No matter how prominently you display your customer service email address or phone number, customers are still likely to ask questions, share success stories, or file complaints on your social media channels.

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Facebook partners with ZipDial for ‘missed call’ ad format in India

The product will soon be available in other markets in Asia as well as in Africa The consumers in emerging markets are ready to engage with brands and are using their mobile phones to stay connected. The rate of people using only mobile devices to access the internet is skyrocketing, especially in high-growth countries. Today,


Weekly Cornerplay: Do you understand Facebook’s Slingshot app?

What is Slingshot app for? If it’s just a way to share, I’m not convinced it does that better than what already exists, says Jeffrey Yuwono Facebook’s new iPhone app called Slingshot, which I’ve used intensely since it launched last week, was initially thought of as a Snapchat competitor and the successor to Poke – which


[Update] Mobile Game Asia Show to feature Ubisoft, Gameloft and others

Chinese companies such as 360 Mobile Game Division and Top Mobile Game to participate in the event to be held in Singapore this July Update: E27 is giving out free passes to the event. Read below. Looking to expand your knowledge on the Chinese mobile gaming market? Then you and your startup company can look

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Apps, stickers and hashflags soar football fever this season

The biggest sporting extravaganza, FIFA World Cup, is here, and social media platforms and messaging apps are leaving no stone unturned to add to the spirit One universe, eight planets, seven continents and billions of people, they all have one thing in common — the love for football. Is there any teenager who doesn’t love


Echelon 2014: Tech titans’ take on challenges and opportunities in SEA

Do Southeast Asia’s diverse cultures and languages make it a difficult place for business? Five tech industry professionals put forth their views For many tech companies, Southeast Asia (SEA) presents unique business opportunities as well as challenges. While its population of over 600 million people makes it a large potential market, the diversity of languages


Facebook blocked in Thailand for about 90 mins. What’s going to come next?

Was making Facebook inaccessible to the citizens the military’s way of putting a stop on protests being organised on the social network? Thailand is in turmoil with media being heavily censored. The country’s military, which staged a coup last week, has warned citizens from voicing opinion against it on social media. And today, taking it a


Is social media working for you?

How do you make sure your business’ social media campaign translates into better results?Andy Karuza shows 6 key points to take note of Anybody can sign up for a social media account and understand its general premise. Does that make you capable of using it for business? Like anything in business, social media (done right) requires


Facebook has a plan to penetrate China despite being banned there

The giant social media company preps up to open an office in Beijing and plans to boost sales in Asia Facebook has conquered most of the world with its productivity-killing social network platform. Well, almost everywhere: the service is banned in China since 2009. That didn’t stop the company from using an office in Hong