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GOSF Day 1: Only 24% female participants in online sale

GOSF Day 1: Only 24% female participants in online sale

CashKaro.com saw a surge in traffic by 400% and 350% in revenues on Day 1 of the three-day Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival in India Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) a three-day online shopping festival from the 10th to 12th December has led to surge in online shopping in India with more than 400

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5 key takeaways from Google’s Indian online shopping study

The number of online shoppers in India is expected to grow almost three times to 100 million by 2016 Growing penetration of Internet and preference for shopping online has driven the e-commerce market in India, which will touch US$15 billion by 2016, tech giant Google said. Compared to eight million in 2012, about 35 million people


Quit your job without having a panic attack: Google’s Steven Feiner

Called ‘The art of resignation’, Feiner’s book for would-be entrepreneurs reveals how they can quit their corporate jobs gracefully Steven Feiner wasn’t surprised when he found out that more people in the United States had searched Google for ‘resignation’ (5.1 million queries) than ‘Superbowl’ (3.8 million queries) over the last 12 months. He had seen the


Weekly Cornerplay: Inbox by Google is same-same but different

Jeffrey Yuwono reviews the invite only Google Inbox in this edition of Weekly Cornerplay; says it won’t change your life Inbox is a new mail client that The Verge calls “a total reinvention of email from Google.” Which is a bit of an exaggeration, but does demonstrate the excitement many in the tech press have for it. Inbox is invite


[Singapore] Singapore Developer Meetup November at Google Agenda

SG Android Developers Meet up Synopsis: Singapore Developer Meetup November at Google Agenda 6:30pm – 6:45pm Refreshments & Social Food and drinks courtesy of Google 7:00pm – 7:45pm Faster, Better, Cheaper : Build apps on the Google Cloud by Melina Lee Want to create an application and have it scale quickly at high performance? How


Weekly Cornerplay: Microsoft’s wearable is imminent, but what’s the point?

Jeffrey Yuwono expresses doubts over Microsoft’s coming wearable device in this edition of Weekly Cornerplay According to Forbes, Microsoft will launch its wearable device in the coming weeks in time for the holiday season. It’s a health-focussed device and will work with Android, iPhone and of course Windows Phone. I had written my concerns about the


Google eyes Asia with upcoming Nexus 6 smartphone

As evidence of the shift of power to Asia, Google plays to the booming market’s demands by making the huge Nexus 6 ‘phablet’ this year’s flagship Every year around October and the months leading up to it, we are bombarded with the latest leaks and rumours around Google’s upcoming flagship smartphone in its Nexus line. The


Google Primer offers bite-size marketing lessons for startups

Google looks to give startups the best shot at success with its new marketing advice app Primer, available for free on iOS (and soon Android) Google has launched free ‘experimental’ app Primer in a bid to help startups market themselves more effectively. The app aims to offer a ‘no-nonsense’ primer through case studies, insider tips


[Singapore] Google for Entrepreneurs day

Join us at Google For Entrepreneurs Day on 17 October and find out how best to tips on making Android work for your business Synopsis: Back at Blk71 for 2014, this year’s event focuses on the following three topics: What’s New on Android: Latest Android APIs, Best Practices and our Favorite Trips and Tricks Material


Weekly Cornerplay: Why Android Wear is like a pimply teenager

Android Wear is immature but has potential for greatness, says Jeffrey Yuwono Last week, we reviewed the Moto 360. Today, we take a closer look at Android Wear. The future of the smartwatch is to be the primary entry point for your digital life. The device you scan first to get an update on what’s happening, and the preferred device

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5 reasons Waze rolled out its new “Places” update

Waze’s users can now add information about the places and score points, elevating their status in the virtual Waze community Only a few months after introducing its new feature allowing you to identify friends driving around your vicinity, Waze is rolling out another update to its “social traffic and maps” service. It is called Places,


Weekly Cornerplay: The things we do for beauty – Moto 360 review

This week Jeffrey Yuwono reviews the Moto 360; says it’s beautiful but not ready for everyone There is a future where instead of a computer in your pocket, it is the one on your wrist that you will use most. Instead of your finger as the primary method of control, it’s your voice. It’s the device you


Weekly Cornerplay: Switching from Outlook to Gmail

In this edition of Weekly Cornerplay, Jeffrey Yuwono tells us how he experimented with Gmail and ended up leaving Outlook, even though it’s more fully featured than the former Today we review something you probably already use: Gmail, but in a specific context. Let me explain. I have active Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook accounts as well as three

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What can you learn from mobile king Sundar Pichai?

The Senior Vice-President at Google shares five key lessons for entrepreneurs to crack the India market For “the most powerful man in mobile”, this moment is truly nostalgic. The 42-year old Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice-President at Google, announced the first global launch of three Android One phones by its partners Micromax, Spice Mobiles and Karbonn Mobiles in his home country, India. Google will be