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Weekly Cornerplay: Why you needn’t rebel Facebook enforcing Messenger

Weekly Cornerplay: Why you needn’t rebel Facebook enforcing Messenger

This edition reviews Facebook Messenger (including permissions) and concludes “it’s cool” Welcome to the  Weekly Cornerplay, a weekly guest column where each week we analyse a tech product or service. Facebook is in the press lately because the company is forcing users to communicate with friends through a separate Messenger app instead of the main Facebook app. The former is #1 on

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Weekly Cornerplay: OnePlus One is two good

In this edition, Jeffrey Yuwono reviews the OnePlus One, which he says is “pretty darn good” Welcome to the Weekly Cornerplay, a guest column where each week we analyse a tech product or service. I received an invite for the One from OnePlus a few weeks ago and pulled the trigger. I’ve used it as my daily driver ever since,


Game of Thrones: Should Google be fearing its rivals?

Andrew Stott, a partner with Olswang in Singapore, discusses Google’s latest search engine competitors in Russia, South Korea and China — Yandex, Naver and Baidu In the digital “game of thrones”, markets continually shift as the internet giants — Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple increase their offerings from hardware to software and software to hardware, between consumer


IDA-Google’s Squared Data Programme to train 20 Singaporeans

Google will provide eight weeks of full-time training with support from experts and agencies, followed by 35 weeks of on-the-job mentoring by the search giant Earlier in February 2014, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) announced that it has partnered with Google to roll out the Squared Data Programme (SDP), which will help grow the country’s

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Weekly Cornerplay: Skype 5.0 is dead on arrival

Skype 5.0 is here but its system of contacts is like it’s from the 90s and that’s a deal breaker, says Jeffrey Yuwono Welcome to the Weekly Cornerplay, a guest column where each week we analyse a tech product or service. With Microsoft in the news recently (18,000 in layoffs!), for this week’s entry we’re taking a look


Weekly Cornerplay: Will Samsung app store’s revamp make a difference?

The best Android apps won’t limit their potential market by being exclusive to a second-rate store; it’ll be on Google Play, says Jeffrey Yuwono Welcome to the Weekly Cornerplay, a guest column where each week we analyse a tech product or service. Oh Samsung. Did you know the Korean giant has its own Android app


TimeAway’s Founder balances a full-time job with starting up

Entrepreneurship can be daunting, more so when you’re holding down a full-time job. See how Tamara Sanderson, TimeAway Founder, manages it We all know that entrepreneurship is hard. There are massive demands on one’s time developing a product and marketing it. Hiring someone else helps little, as people management is thrown into the mix. With this, it’s not


Microsoft lining itself up for failure in tough Korean search market

Can Microsoft land a foothold in the Korean search market? beSUCCESS thinks not, due to its late entry into the local-dominated scene Microsoft recently announced that it intends to fully enter the Korean internet search market later this year. This does not seem wise in a market that has been utterly dominated by Korean players


[Singapore] GRAB them while you can! Customer APPquisition changes the Game.

Check out how to aggressively acquire users in the app economy in the Mobile Monday and Mobile Alliance pre-ad:tech ASEAN event! Synopsis: Everyone is at it: Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL and now even Google are ploughing the rich and fertile fields of “App Install Ads” with a passion rarely seen in the mobile advertising industry!


What Google’s I/O means for mobile gaming’s future

The new version of Android will offer high-end PC-like graphics on mobile, while Google Play updates increase player engagement Early this morning Singapore time, Google showcased its new tech by way of the Google I/O conference, featuring new things on all things Android (a rising OS star in Southeast Asia) like wearable tech Android Wear,


A Peek into Google Geekdom: Google I/O 2014

What can you expect at Google I/O 2014 tonight? Ashay Padwal from Vserv.mobi shares five announcements Google fans can look forward to Exploring the themes of ‘design, develop and distribute’, this year’s edition of Google I/O 2014, Google’s annual technology conference, promises to be replete with new product ideas and interactive experiences. Since its last


[Update] Mobile Game Asia Show to feature Ubisoft, Gameloft and others

Chinese companies such as 360 Mobile Game Division and Top Mobile Game to participate in the event to be held in Singapore this July Update: E27 is giving out free passes to the event. Read below. Looking to expand your knowledge on the Chinese mobile gaming market? Then you and your startup company can look


Google finally allows editing of Singapore map

While Google Map Maker has been available in over 200 countries for quite some time, the service for Singapore map was only launched today Google announced today that its Map Maker service that allows users to edit Google Maps and Google Earth is available for Singapore map too. Users can mark businesses, institutions or new


How e-commerce biz owners should deal with Google’s Panda 4.0 update

Useless, duplicated content is so May 2014. Learn how to reach out to customers with search listings without getting blasted by Google In late-May 2014, internet search engine Google rolled out its latest Panda update which rendered many e-commerce giants scared. Its Panda 4.0 sought to reduce the visibility of duplicated or useless content, and provide


Echelon 2014: Tech titans’ take on challenges and opportunities in SEA

Do Southeast Asia’s diverse cultures and languages make it a difficult place for business? Five tech industry professionals put forth their views For many tech companies, Southeast Asia (SEA) presents unique business opportunities as well as challenges. While its population of over 600 million people makes it a large potential market, the diversity of languages