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Alibaba invests US$590M in Chinese smartphone maker Meizu

Alibaba invests US$590M in Chinese smartphone maker Meizu

The investment will see Alibaba’s mobile operating system YunOS being pre-loaded onto Meizu devices, as well as giving Meizu access to Alibaba’s e-commerce facilities Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba began the week with one heck of an announcement, stating in an official release that it had just forked over US$590 million for a stake in Chinese smartphone


Online-offline war: Indian brands declare e-commerce sites “unauthorised”

Following Nikon, Toshiba and Lenovo’s advisories, now Canon India too has joined the fight against e-commerce websites who allegedly undercut prices In an interesting turn of events, Canon India has declared Indian online marketplaces Flipkart and Amazon as its authorised dealers. E-commerce websites in India lately have been in line of fire after consumer durable


This versatile innovation lets you hold better nerf gun parties

The new Lenovo Idea Creation Horizon Table PC might look normal, but it really isn’t. Here are five little-known things you could do with this sexy screen. When we first saw this infographic from Lenovo, we chuckled a little. Their new Table PC, the Lenovo IdeaCreation Horizon made its debut at the brand’s recent Touch

Lenovo CoLab

Showcase your talent with Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB

Want your thoughts to be heard? Want to collaborate with other creative individuals in pushing music and technology to their boundaries? Challenge your creativity with CO:LAB from Lenovo and MTV. The time is here for musicians and creatives who wish to extend their creativity into the global platform. Lenovo has just recently collaborated with MTV and

Lenovo Z Series looks slim but is powerful

Lenovo Z400 and Z500 slim and powerful in Singapore

Now, you can have your cake and eat it with the aesthetically pleasing and dynamic Lenovo Z Series IdeaPads rolling into stores in Singapore. Lenovo announced its latest Z Series laptops in Singapore, with IdeaPads Z400 and Z500, which come in 14 and 15 inch screen sizes respectively, three days ago. Running on up to

Lenovo to consider acquiring or licensing BlackBerry from RIM

Updated: Lenovo to consider acquiring or licensing BlackBerry from RIM

Lenovo says it might consider licensing or acquiring BlackBerry from RIM, among other options for boosting its mobile business. Updates: Lenovo has clarified that its CFO’s statements may have been taken out of context. The company says “RIM was raised as a potential target by the journalist and Mr. Wong repeatedly answered in a manner consistent

Lenovo K900 full view

Lenovo announces flagship smartphone, the K900 on Android

Lenovo announces its flagship smartphone running on Android that claims to be the thinnest phone in its class. Lenovo today announced its flagship smartphone, the K900. The phone sports a 5.5” IPS screen with a slim 6.9mm profile. Weighing at 162g, the Intel Atom processor phone is tagged as a premium smartphone with a super-slim


Lenovo splits into Lenovo Business Group and Think Business Group

Lenovo splits into two groups, Lenovo Business Group and Think Business Group, to be more competitive. Since Lenovo’s acquisition of IBM’s personal computer business in 2005, it has seen a steady growth of success and has done well so far. However, according to CEO Yang Yuanqing, Lenovo’s brand has been on the mainstream and low-end market

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ThinkPad celebrates 20 years of innovation

ThinkPad recently celebrated its 20th birthday. To commemorate this achievement, Lenovo has created an infographic featuring the key milestones of the ThinkPad over the past two decades. The ThinkPad was first released in 1992 with the design inspired by Japanese Shokado bento and an IBM-issued employee pocket notebook with corporate motto ‘Think’ imprinted on the

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Lenovo and EMC Corporation collaborate to form strategic world partnerships

Lenovo  and EMC Corporation’s collaboration enhances Lenovo’s position in industry standard servers and networked storage solutions. At the same time, EMC extends its reach in China and other major high-growth markets. This alliance has sparked innovation and additional R&D in server and storage markets by making the most out of product development talents and resources.

Evernote user holding Evernote logo

Evernote on track to hitting 100M users by end 2013, looks to engage SEA developer communities more

Evernote is on track to cross 100 million users by end of 2013 and is continuing to support the regional developer communities. When e27’s cofounder, Thaddeus Koh, attended IDEAS Show in Taiwan, we had a chance to meet up with the guys at Evernote. Fromt the event, we followed up with an email interview to find

Microsoft and Intel plot to push iPad’s market share to below 50%

According to Digitimes, Taiwan based ODM’s claim that Intel and Microsoft have  been cooperating closely with first-tier vendors developing new tablets powered by Windows 8, with the goal of decreasing iPad’s global market share from 70% currently to below 50% by the middle of 2013. According to Digitimes’ sources, Microsoft will release Windows 8 for

Lenovo plays its way into the tablet market

Just yesterday, Lenovo officially launched the IdeaPad and ThinkPad tablets in Singapore with an hour long play that showcased the appeal of both the consumer and business tablets’ capabilities. Lenovo Singapore’s Country General Manager, Lee Chown How, explained Lenovo’s dual offering market offering saying, “There’s no one-size-fits-all and that is why we have one portfolio