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How startups can turn LinkedIn into the ultimate marketing tool

How startups can turn LinkedIn into the ultimate marketing tool

Thinking of LinkedIn as just an online resume is a big mistake. Read on to know how it can take your business to a whole new level When the words ‘social media’ and ‘work’ get thrown around in the same sentence, chances are ‘LinkedIn’ is going to be at the tip of your tongue too.


[Singapore] Wasabi Insight – From Japan to Singapore

Network with business professionals in Japan and Singapore, and find out more about overseas business expansion in the ASEAN region   Synopsis: WASABI Insight Is a monthly social networking event for bridging Singapore Japan in terms of business, culture, and talents, in order to enhance interaction and exchange of ideas between Singaporeans, Japanese, as well as other


Startuptravels wants to connect travelling entrepreneurs everywhere

Co-founder Rasmus Frandsen’s passion for travelling and meeting like-minded people has culminated in this social network for entrepreneurs Startuptravels is a brand new, two-week old social network for travelling entrepreneurs ‘made with love and coffee in Copenhagen’. e27 spoke exclusively with Co-founder Rasmus Frandsen, who is currently on a Masters programme at Duke University, North

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Why LinkedIn is crucial for gaining B2B leads

 LinkedIn could be the one big tool your business is not using to its fullest potential to maximize B2B leads One crucial part of your lead-generation strategy may be missing. SaaS and other B2B companies have to consider many tactical options when creating marketing strategies for lead generation through channels such as e-mail marketing, SEO,


Putting the convenience of managing your job hunt on your mobile device

Job Relate provides both companies and jobseekers with a mobile platform to network, seek out career opportunities, and recruit seamlessly Finding a job just isn’t what it used to be. In the past, what jobseekers needed to do was simply browse the Classifieds section of the local newspapers, look for openings they were interested in,


This startup can get Brangelina’s chef to whip up a meal for you

Always drooled seeing Anthony Bourdain or Gordon Ramsay in action? ChefHost can now help you reach them to savour their culinary delights Twenty three-year-old Abhinandan Balasubramanian lived in London and preferred dining at restaurants rather than cooking at home. Soon he drained out of options and the old favourites seemed monotonous. Once there was a small


This startup wants to be the LinkedIn of public relations

Medialink from JFDI aims to be a platform for journalists, bloggers and businesses to connect, and enhance corp comm and PR efforts Today, with many traditional media houses expanding into online channels, and digital media publications born online, the internet has boosted the reach and size of the media sector. Mayuresh Godse, the CEO and Founder of

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2014: The year free social media marketing gravy train derailed

Social media marketing is effective when powerful copywriting/content is combined with a media buy. They should be seen as working hand-in-hand The year 2014 may be remembered as the year where social media ceased to become a free-to-play platform. Today, the three big social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – are all public listed


31% of parents in Singapore think entrepreneurship is top career path

Latest research from LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, revealed that Singaporean parents might not understand their child’s job Does your mother or father know what you’re doing? Chances are, they probably don’t. According to a global study conducted by LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, in 14 countries with 16,102 parents, 46 percent of 1,943

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5 technology tips for digital startups to cut costs

e27′s list goes beyond the usual – start from home, rent rather than buy, go through deal sites – solutions. BYOD tops our list. Which are the other four? The internet is full of advice on how startups should cut costs. Much of them start with ‘start from home’ and lead to ‘cut down on

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Beware: Your employee could be a malicious insider

According to statistics, your employee could be threatening your company security with malicious spear phishing and malware. How can you then protect the company with the biggest thread stems from the inside? In fact, only less than one percent of your employees will ever be actual malicious insiders. Yet, all of them can have the

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LinkedIn’s University Page update gives institutions a social boost

NUS highlighted alumni includes founders of Prezi and Kiip as LinkedIn launches University Pages to help students explore their college options better. According to the official blog post, currently there are more than 200 academic institutions, including NYU, the University of Michigan, INSEAD and many more adopting LinkedIn University page. The pages provide information about the


Are your clients really coming from Facebook and Twitter?

Social media has been the poster child for digital media marketing. But let’s not forget other forms of customer acquisition. Everybody says that if your company doesn’t have accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc., and doesn’t interact with your possible clients there, you understand nothing about digital marketing. In Southeast Asia, you don’t

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Shinzo Abe debuts on LinkedIn with insights on Japan’s economy

Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, joins Linkedin’s Influencers Program to contribute his insights on the economic and business landscapes of Japan. In line with LinkedIn‘s mission to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe would be contributing his insights under the Influencers Program, which is a


Turn your resume into an infographic with Sumari

By creating a visual representation of your resume, Sumari makes it easier for potential employers or recruiters to spot your best qualities. As we recently learned, the hiring process can be a very expensive and time-consuming endeavor. Employers – whether these are big corporations or startups trying to look for enterprising individuals or even co-founders


LinkedIn celebrates reaching milestone of 1M members in Singapore

LinkedIn, the professional network, surpasses 1 million members in Singapore. That’s 70 percent of the labor force and student population in the city-state. LinkedIn today announced that it has surpassed its membership base of a million members in Singapore, effectively doubling their presence back in 2011 when they first established a presence in the city-state.