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Showcase your talent as tech stalwarts host developer workshops in your city

Showcase your talent as tech stalwarts host developer workshops in your city

e27 hosts exciting developer workshops – organised by the top tech companies – in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore. As e27 travels to 14 cities in search of the TOP100 Startups for the Echelon Asia Summit, five developer workshops will be hosted in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore featuring the top tech companies


Weekly Cornerplay: It’s time to reinvent the digital pen

For the pen’s mainstream adoption, it should be used consistently no matter where you are, opines Jeffrey Yuwono One of the best things about the Surface Pro 3 is its pen. It’s changed the way I take notes, brainstorm and review PDFs. As useful as the pen is, however, I can’t help but think its implementation in Windows is


Telekom Malaysia to launch first startup accelerator programme in Jan 2015

Perks for its startups include work space, go-to-market channels, facilities at MMU, R&D labs, event space, plus much more Telekom Malaysia (TM) is to launch its first startup accelerator programme in January 2015 in a move that aims to address two problems with a single solution. The country’s largest telecom and ISP giant wants to find innovative


Weekly Cornerplay: Microsoft’s wearable is imminent, but what’s the point?

Jeffrey Yuwono expresses doubts over Microsoft’s coming wearable device in this edition of Weekly Cornerplay According to Forbes, Microsoft will launch its wearable device in the coming weeks in time for the holiday season. It’s a health-focussed device and will work with Android, iPhone and of course Windows Phone. I had written my concerns about the

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Skype launches video messaging app Skype Qik

With the app, users can send video messages of up to 42 seconds to friends in their contact list. The video automatically gets deleted after 2 weeks Microsoft’s Skype has launched a new video messaging app Skype Qik that can run alongside Skype to share video messages with individuals and groups of friends. The app is available on iOS, Windows and Android.


Weekly Cornerplay: Why even the best Android Wear apps aren’t very good

Jeffrey Yuwono has Android Wear apps under the scanner in this edition of the Weekly Cornerplay I got a Moto 360 a few weeks ago and have been using it daily since. See the watch review here and the Android Wear review here. And now, the third and final part of this mini-series: third party apps. Here’s the

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Skype to discontinue voice calling to phones within India

This only affects Skype calls to landline phones and mobiles; users can still make free Skype-to-Skype calls within the country Microsoft-owned Skype is discontinuing its voice calling services to mobiles and landline phones within India from November 10, 2014. However, users can still make free Skype-to-Skype calls within India, said the company. It added that


Weekly Cornerplay: The Surface Pro 3 was a coin flip

Jeffrey Yuwono reviews the Surface Pro 3 in this edition of the Weekly Cornerplay. Two weeks are up — did he keep or return Microsoft’s device? I used to work in management consulting. We’d travel overseas on Mondays, do work at the client site over the week and return on Fridays. Rinse, repeat, month after month.


[Singapore] BizSpark Azure Lab

Microsoft will be organising a free Azure Lab to help BizSpark startups scale their cloud operations Synopsis: Maximise Your BizSpark Azure Credits We conducted a recent survey, letting us know how Singapore BizSpark startups want to use their free cloud credits; such as scaling on the cloud, hosting websites, and SQL. As thanks, we are inviting


Will GameStart be the Southeast Asian equivalent of GamesCom and E3?

The upcoming English language video game expo will be held in Singapore this year on Oct 25 and Oct 26; will feature gaming’s latest Gaming enthusiasts know about gaming expos such as Electronic Entertainment Expo, Penny Arcade Expo and GamesCom. For those living in Southeast Asia, it’s very tough to attend any of these grandstanding events due to travel

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Weekly Cornerplay: Skype 5.0 is dead on arrival

Skype 5.0 is here but its system of contacts is like it’s from the 90s and that’s a deal breaker, says Jeffrey Yuwono Welcome to the Weekly Cornerplay, a guest column where each week we analyse a tech product or service. With Microsoft in the news recently (18,000 in layoffs!), for this week’s entry we’re taking a look


Korean govt to turn its back on Microsoft… and use what instead, Hangul?

Usage of idiosyncratic software could push the Korean government away from Microsoft’s offerings and into open-source OSes like Linux As has been reported widely in Asia, South Korea is using the fact that Windows XP is no longer supported as a reason to walk away from Microsoft completely. While the rationale for this stance makes sense; updating to new


Microsoft lining itself up for failure in tough Korean search market

Can Microsoft land a foothold in the Korean search market? beSUCCESS thinks not, due to its late entry into the local-dominated scene Microsoft recently announced that it intends to fully enter the Korean internet search market later this year. This does not seem wise in a market that has been utterly dominated by Korean players


Speed is our main advantage: Stock market app TradeHero CTO

Dominic Morris, CTO, TradeHero, tells e27 about how a startup needs to capitalise on its sole advantage — speed Launched in December 2012, Singapore-based mobile stock market simulation app TradeHero has come a long way. As of April 2014, it has garnered more than 400,000 virtual traders across its iOS and Android apps. Currently, it