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Weekly Cornerplay: What will make Facebook at Work successful?

Weekly Cornerplay: What will make Facebook at Work successful?

In this edition of Weekly Cornerplay, Jeffrey Yuwono talks about how marketing is a key factor for Facebook at Work to hit the bull’s eye I had dinner with a friend a few months ago. He is the head of a 500-people company, and he was telling me how he wished there was an off-the-shelf mobile app they could


Singapore-based Lunch Kaki wants to help strangers grab lunch together

Lunch Kaki’s Co-founder tells e27 that the one-of-its-kind social networking app ultimately aims to go global In the ever-changing landscape of social networking/dating apps trying to bring something new or original to the table, Lunch Kaki has found a unique twist of its own — facilitating lunch meet-ups between like-minded individuals looking to do a


Startuptravels wants to connect travelling entrepreneurs everywhere

Co-founder Rasmus Frandsen’s passion for travelling and meeting like-minded people has culminated in this social network for entrepreneurs Startuptravels is a brand new, two-week old social network for travelling entrepreneurs ‘made with love and coffee in Copenhagen’. e27 spoke exclusively with Co-founder Rasmus Frandsen, who is currently on a Masters programme at Duke University, North


[Updated] KerjaDulu gets undisclosed amount in angel round from Budi Setiadharma

The Indonesian startup will use the funding to enhance its platform, grow its team, fuel sales and marketing, and add partnerships programmes Jakarta-based KerjaDulu, a social networking platform aimed at bringing together Indonesian job-seeking professionals and recruiting employers, has raised an undisclosed amount in an angel round from Budi Setiadharma. Budi Setiadharma is Chairman and President

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Spot.IM launches tech to turn any website into its own social network

Website owners no longer need to rely on external social networks for user engagement. The Israel-based startup has big plans for Asia Spot.IM, an Israel-based creator of ‘distributed social network’, has launched its community-creation technology, allowing any website to become its own social network. It enables website owners and publishers to turn their websites into a social network


BlastOut wants to help event-goers make temporary connections

This Singapore-based app wants to give its users the privilege of staying private on a social network. A temporary social network, that is Two words: Ephemeral content. Or just one word: BlastOut. Like popular US-based chat application SnapChat, Singapore-based geolocation social media platform BlastOut is all about the temporal, fleeting moments. But unlike the former

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Why LinkedIn is crucial for gaining B2B leads

 LinkedIn could be the one big tool your business is not using to its fullest potential to maximize B2B leads One crucial part of your lead-generation strategy may be missing. SaaS and other B2B companies have to consider many tactical options when creating marketing strategies for lead generation through channels such as e-mail marketing, SEO,


New Chinese social media app wants to enrich your social life

Pengpeng app integrates games directly into the social experience. With 3M users in just 2 months, expanding to SEA is its immediate focus Pengpeng might be the most interesting mobile social app you have never heard of. Made by a Chinese company called Asia Innovations, it boasts having three million users. Not bad considering the app for Android and


Photo sharing app Snapeee raises US$4M in Series C funding

Mind Palette, the Tokyo-based startup behind Snapeee, has secured the investment from Global Brain and Kodansha The ‘GB-V Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership’ managed by Japanese venture capital company Global Brain Corporation, and Japanese magazine publishing giant Kodansha have together invested US$4 million into photo sharing app Snapeee‘s creator Mind Palette. The investment makes Hiroshi Mihayashi, Principal, Global Brain, a part of


Facebook has a plan to penetrate China despite being banned there

The giant social media company preps up to open an office in Beijing and plans to boost sales in Asia Facebook has conquered most of the world with its productivity-killing social network platform. Well, almost everywhere: the service is banned in China since 2009. That didn’t stop the company from using an office in Hong


Food Social wants to be the de facto app for Malaysian foodies

Combining social media nuances with a huge emphasis on local dining culture, this Android app aims to bring food lovers and restaurant owners together Food is what brings most cultures and ethnics together. And it’s arguable that no place has a huge smorgasbord of delectable delights and variable victuals than Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia. In this


Facebook’s gaming revenue growth lessens thanks to mobile

Users are currently moving to mobile to access the networking site; the shift is significant as Facebook’s game payment revenue comes from its desktop site While Facebook recently made a technologically-sound decision to push virtual reality, it may have trouble growing its revenue from its social games under the social network platform. According to a


Is it China’s turn to be struck with the Candy Crush Saga fever?

King and Tencent team up to launch the game in China. The localised version of the game will be available on Tencent’s Mobile QQ and Weixin Game Centers Despite the recent downturn social games company King had with its traded-down IPO, the Candy Crush Saga makers are still expanding its reach. Its next stop? China. King announced


Consulus launches enterprise social network app CastleUp

CastleUp is a platform-independent app that aims to help companies to quickly share ideas and updates, and retrieve them later on Consulus, a consultancy that possesses 10 years of insights into organisational collaboration, has launched its new CastleUp social network app, which aims to help companies to quickly share ideas and updates, and retrieve them later on.

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Facebook expands Graph Search coverage. A big privacy concern?

Facebook has recently announced the inclusion of posts and status updates to its Graph Search functionality. Will this be cause for concern among privacy advocates? Facebook is making it easier for users to find content on the social network by expanding the coverage of Graph Search to include posts and status updates. Launched earlier this