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tenCube’s Darius Cheung on life with McAfee

Darius Cheung is happy. He is practically beaming over his morning coffee at the plush Dempsey Hill enclave in Singapore, where he has just finished breakfast with longtime friend James Chan, Neoteny Labs’ investment manager. “We’ve been tearing our hair out,” he says, beaming. “Figuring out how to do export control for our products, which

TenCube Receives Strategic Investment, Expands Market Reach for WaveSecure

TenCube, the star startup behind the award winning anti-theft and security software WaveSecure, just announced a new strategic investment deal with India based One 97 Communications. One 97 is India’s largest and most widely deployed telecom application platform, which reaches a whopping 100% of mobile users in India. One 97′s clientele list shines with top operators

WaveSecure Among Winners in Android Developer Challenge 2

Some better news to spice up your day with. WaveSecure, by Singapore startup tenCube, recently won 3rd prize at the Android Developer Challenge 2 (ADC2). Kudos to Darius and his team! The ADC2 had been running since September this year and was made available to apps that had not been made publicly available through the

Screw iPhone, WaveSecure Launches for Android

Update: TenCube got acquired by McAfee and Darius Cheng is working on new startup Billpin to track your expenses. Uber cool Singaporean startup, Tencube, just launched their WaveSecure product offering for the Android Platform. That’s one up for all you Android users out there. While iPhone users (crap, I’m one of them!) have to contend with losing