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News  3, Apr 2014

Viber brings Viber Out to Windows Phone 8; affirms cross-platform support


With the release of Viber 4.1 for Windows Phone 8, fans of Redmond’s platform will be able to call any phone number via the chat app for a fee

In another nod to cross-platform support, Viber has announced the release of Viber 4.1 for Windows Phone 8. This brings with it multiple feature updates that expand the functionality of the app, such as video messaging, support for sending multiple photos at the same time, as well as hands-free Bluetooth headset integration for drivers.

One key feature that will be coming to Windows Phone users with version 4.1 is Viber Out. Launched last December, Viber Out enables Viber users to dial any landline and mobile number for a fee, regardless of whether the recipient is a Viber user.

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Even before its acquisition by Rakuten, Viber has pursued a strategy of supporting as many platforms as possible, releasing Windows Phone and BlackBerry versions in addition to the ubiquitous Android and iOS ones. According to Viber, this strategy is aimed at strengthening its platform’s capability by expanding the potential user base its users can contact.

Talmon Marco, CEO, Viber, said this move further cements their commitment to multi-platform support. “Viber Out has been a game changer for our users and allows them to rely on Viber for all their communication needs,” he shared, “With the addition of this critical feature to our Windows Phone 8 version, we are ensuring that the complete Viber experience is available on as many platforms as possible. This focus on cross-platform support is one of our most important commitments to our users.”

With both LINE and Viber rolling out services that enable users to call external phone numbers, and even WhatsApp getting into the voice call fray, it seems plausible that voice may replace texts as the main communication mode between people. It certainly reminds one of the early 1900s, where telephones supplanted the telegraph for interpersonal telecommunication.

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Terence Ng

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