Voice blogging service Bubbly introduces filters, aims to be Instagram for voice

bubble motion logo19 million member strong Bubbly launches the ‘Instagram of Voice’ with version 2.0 of  its iOS App. With version 2.0, Bubbly adds voice filters, giving users a fun and creative way to style their posts and interact with friends and followers.

Most of us have heard about Twitter, the microblogging service which allows you to send tweets of 140 characters of less to your followers. Old news. What’s more interesting than Twitter is the rise of voice blogging service around the region. Bubbly, a leading voice blogging service with over 19 million users and hundreds of celebrities across the globe, has just released a major update today: Voice Filter.

New features and updates

Bubbly was launched back in March. With the new positioning as the ‘Instagram of Voice’, users of Bubbly can now spice up their voice posts by applying filters such as “Helium”, “Echo Chamber”, and “Synth”. Users simply record their message on their iPhone, choose a filter to revamp the sound and vibe. Users can then post the filtered voice ‘bubble’ to their account to share with friends, fans, and followers. On top of the new filters, the new Bubbly 2.0 also features some new updates. Bubbly posts now enjoys Facebook timeline integration, allowing users to like, record or listen to a post via Facebook. The new Bubbly app also features a delete function where you can delete or redo your previous post.

Singapore’s market is too small, focusing on the rest of the Southeast Asia market

When asked about the user demographic breakdown, Bubble Motion, the company behind Bubbly app reveals that the app downloads in Singapore are relatively small. Due to the small market, Bubble Motion has not focused on the Singapore market to date with no local celebrities or mobile advertising campaign. However, Southeast Asia overall is their second largest market. Southeast Asia is also by far the fastest growing region, especially from Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines. This coincides with Bubble Motion’s earlier funding announcement by Japan’s Largest VC, JAFCO, to continue rapid global expansion. With the new fund, it will be used to push deeper into countries like India, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines as well as the broader global market such as Hollywood.

Growth of Bubble Motion and the rise of voice microblogging

Bubble Motion CEO Tom Clayton told us that they have been building cutting-edge social messaging services since their inception several years ago. In December 2010, Bubble Motion partners with XL Axiata to deliver voice blogging to Indonesia. Shortly after that, they inked a deal with Indonesia’s Telkomsel in July 2011. Since then, Bubble Motion has grown rapidly and most recently partnered with JAFCO to further strengthen their foothold in Japan. Tom also told us that voice microblogging is growing because of the authenticity of voice. “The beauty of BubbleBlog is that voice is authentic (you can’t fake it being from someone else), voice conveys emotion and nuance (tone can be hard on email or text), and voice isn’t constrained by character limits.”

Bubbly App

Bubbly App 1

Press Release


SINGAPORE (September 6, 2012) – Bubbly, a leading voice blogging service with over 19 million users and hundreds of celebrities across the globe, today launched a major update of its app, allowing for a deeper voice experience. Users can now spice up their voice posts for by applying cool filters like “Helium,” “Echo Chamber,” and “Synth.” Users simply record their message on their iPhone, choose a filter to revamp the sound and vibe, and post to their account to share with friends, fans, and followers.

With the new Bubbly iPhone app available for download here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bubbly-voice-blogging-social/id462545005?mt=8, users can personalize their voice posts and infuse a new set of artistic elements, expressing themselves in a fun way. There are twelve filters to start: Noise Reducer, Boost It, Synth, On Stage, Grab a Mic, Witch, Villain, Helium, Echo Chamber, Sci Fi, Slow Mo, and Hyper Speed. Unlike other social media sites, Bubbly lets users post updates using their voice — allowing for real feeling and emotion to come through when listening to what others have to say. Bubbly version 2.0 augments this authentic feel with a playful and creative touch.

Bubbly 2.0 also announced several awesome new updates:

  • Single Sign-on with Facebook and Twitter: Get up and running on Bubbly in no time, while connecting with your other social networks
  •  Timeline Integration: Bubbly posts can now show up on the Facebook timeline, allowing users to like, record, or listen to a post via Facebook
  • Multi-tasking: Users can now return to the main feed while their audio posts are being uploaded
  • Delete: Want a re-do? The ability to delete posts is another added bonus with the app

“With Bubbly now being used around the world, we wanted to add a touch of personalization that anyone can appreciate. Our new voice filters allow users to play with different variations of their posts and get creative, while retaining the authenticity of voice blogging,” said Tom Clayton, CEO of Bubble Motion. “The Bubbly voice filters give users more options for self-expression – not to mention, it’s a lot of fun.“

The Bubbly 2.0 app is currently available for iPhone here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bubbly-voice-blogging-social/id462545005?mt=8. 

About Bubble Motion

Bubble Motion is pioneering social communication for mobile phones. Bubble Motion’s Bubbly is a social messaging service where people share SMS and voice updates with friends, family, fans and followers. Bubbly is like ‘Twitter with a voice’ and brings social networking to mobile phones.

Jacky Yap

Having spent one year abroad in Shanghai under the NUS Overseas College Programme, Jacky has an avid interest in entrepreneurship and web based startups. Jacky used to run N-House, Singapore's first entrepreneurial themed residence in NUS, and was also part of the organizing team for Startup Weekend Singapore 2012. You can reach him at jacky [at] e27 [dot] co

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