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Throughout the history of e27, contributors have always found themselves at the heart of what e27 brings to the tech community of Asia-Pacific and beyond.

We believe in preserving a healthy marketplace of ideas where thought leaders and entrepreneurs can exchange insights regarding the tech ecosystem. Because of this, we’ve decided to curate this special section featuring some of our best contributed articles from the past few months.

Without further ado, here’s our pick for the 10 contributor articles you should check out!

1.) 5 ways Augmented Reality is redefining the gaming industry by Nitin Garg

In this write up by BR Softech CEO and co-founder, Nitin Garg, he chronicles how augmented reality is creating immersive experiences that allow users to feel that they can interact personally with their digital environment.

2.) What I learned about procrastination while scaling my startup to 4.2M users by Aytekin Tank

JotForm founder and CEO Aytekin Tank writes, “Once I reconnect with my goals and remind myself of the potential outcomes, I’m back on track. Obviously, there is no ‘right way’ to deal with procrastination” as he talks about a problem that can be detrimental to your business, yet is often left undiscussed.

3.) Hidden reasons why VCs reject your startup for investment by Christopher Quek

In this think-piece that talks about the decision-making calculus of VCs, TRIVE managing partner Christopher Quek likens acquiring funding from VCs to getting rejected on Tinder: sometimes it’s not you, it’s them.

4.) 8 productivity hacks to streamline your work-life by Bjorn Lee

Here’s an article by founder Bjorn Lee that discusses the different ways one can slither through the busy life of being a young professional, highlighting the demarcation between what it’s like to be ‘busy’ and what it’s like to be actually productive.

5.) How listening to our 4.1 million users inspired a new product idea by Aytekin Tank

An article contributed by JotForm CEO and founder Aytekin Tank where he delineates “the product” versus the feelings we ascribe to that product (or in simpler terms, how that product makes us feel) as he attempts to interrogate the purchasing habits of the everyday consumer.

6.) What I learned from reading 50 books in a year by Edric Subut

“I certainly will carry the momentum and leverage my expanded inner confidence from this challenge to stretch myself further. I don’t know where exactly life will take me or what my next challenge will be. But one thing is certain, I will never stop growing,” writes Google App Growth Manager for Southeast Asia, Edric Subut, as he talks about channeling inner growth gained from expanding knowledge as a means to harness outward growth.

7.) Hire slowly, grow slowly: how we grew from 1 to 100 employees by Aytekin Tank

Once again, JotForm CEO and founder Aytekin Tank dazzles us with his insights. Here, he talks about how patience is indeed a virtue when growing your employment pool, and how it took him and his growing team 12 years to bring JotForm to where it is today.

8.) Fantastic tech co-founders and where to find them by Jackie Tan Yen

Here, self-proclaimed blockchain enthusiast and current PhD candidate at NTU, Singapore, Jackie Tan Yen uses a quirky Harry Potter reference to shed light on the critical act of finding the right partner to get your company off the ground.

9.) There’s hope for markets in 2019 despite 2018’s crypto winter, here’s why by Kenny Au

To all crypto enthusiasts out there and the like, here’s an article by LUXSENS co-founder Kenny Au detailing why the market isn’t an entirely bleak space to explore in 2019 in spite of crypto’s performance in the year prior — 2018.

10.) 7 traits of successful startups by Jamie Cheng

Is there really a common thread that binds successful startups together? Find out in this adeptly written article by Digital Alpha Agency co-founder Jamie Cheng, where she discusses common traits observed among successful startup founders.

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