There is a famous slogan in the world of entrepreneurship, “work smarter not harder”. Yes, that is it, work smarter.

To help you work smarter, I have shortlisted the ten “must have” tools for small business that are already admired by the users around the world.

1. Goodhire

Goodhire is a must have tool for all business during the hiring process. The tool is built for pre-employment screening and it helps assist business owners in obtaining valid information regarding employee driving records, education, drug history and many other details important for hiring.

Obtaining the information is quick and easy and saves a lot of time in verifying details given by new employees.

2. helps free space in the human resource offices as it serves to manage all employee files, track leave, make employee onboarding and off-boarding more efficient, and maintain employee performance records.

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3. Telzio

Telzio allows companies to manage their office phone systems online. This means that the team can receive an office call from any location. Telzio incorporates several features such as forwarding calls, identifying callers, conferencing and hold music — making a small business seem like one big company.

4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a company to help find top freelancers on a short-term basis. It’s great for growth hacking and is something of a one-stop-shop to find those with appropriate skills to help you move your business to a greater heights.

5. Quora

Quora is becoming the best place on the internet to become a thought leader. The platform enables small businesses to build an online reputation by enhancing trust with customers by answering questions of expertise.

Also, Quora can act as a great research tool to help gain a competitive advantage over the competitors

6. Trello

Trello helps teams manage their projects. It helps visualise the tasks in the works, what needs to be accomplished and who is people responsible. Trello enhances collaboration among a team and also helps managers stay organised.

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With Trello, you can also set dates for essential tasks thereby enabling you to complete them before the deadline.

7. Intercom

Intercom is a messaging platform that lets businesses interact with customers which helps build relationships with clients through efficient communication.

The tool also allows companies to provide information about a product’s use or renewal. With intercom, therefore, startups can conveniently advise and educate their consumers about products more conveniently.

8. SalesLoft

SalesLoft is a tool that helps the sales team engage and execute more efficiently by generating contacts of prospective buyers. It leverages advanced analytics, Salesforce, and smart dialer technology in one place.

SalesLoft also helps in managing email templates, automate sales processes and track calls through a built-in recorder. Also, with this tool, business owners can target certain, more niche, groups.

9. G Suite

G Suite, from Google, is obvious but no less important. It provides a means for the entire company to work together, not only through messaging but also video conferencing. A G-suite account enables businesses to manage the comapany’s services via the cloud.

It lets you create clients email accounts, allow them to start using them, and also gives you control over data in these emails. So, this helps you rest assured that your small business data is safe and secure.

10. Slack

The other obvious addition to this list is key to helping companies eliminate those terrible internal emails. Slack is a team communication tool that brings all internal communication into one messaging platform.

With the use of Slack in small business, nobody has to copy messages to different coworkers because all they have to do is read through the chat history to get all information discussed.

Besides, slack enables one to share documents, photos, or files with an entire team and also provides a search tool enabling one to quickly locate messages sent earlier. This makes it a must-have tool for any startup to help improve team communication conveniently.

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Adopting the tools covered above in your small business can be a big plus for increased productivity especially if your competitors are yet to take advantage of them.

Therefore, it would be a wise idea for you to invest in these tools to help you stand on a higher competitive edge.

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