The e27 system is a fount of information; with a vast database containing startups, investors, jobs, events, and products, we are sitting on a lot of interesting materials. We thought we’d share so we decided to crawl through the database and give you this list of the top 10 types of jobs that gets the most hits.

Find out below if you’d have a lot of competition for that job you’re eyeing.

1. Search engine marketing (SEM)

Top spot goes to SEM Specialists who work on ensuring that company websites appear in the top search results in Internet search engines. Job role involves knowledge of search engine techniques, HTML, and implementing marketing principles to the online platform.

2. Internship for software development

University students looking to gain experience – whether school required or not – have their eye on software development. Internships is software development at startups is a win-win for both the intern and the company: the student gains experience and potential employment after graduation, and the company gets the additional hands and an eye on future team members.

3. Business development

Mostly in the sales and marketing divisions of companies, positions that offer the chance to develop strategic opportunities for the company are some of the most viewed. The role usually requires knowledge in customer acquisition and building business relationships.

4. Development (Full Stack, SDK, Python)

Some of the most viewed are Developer jobs involving various tools and methods. Full stack developer positions lead the pack, followed closely by SDK and Python. Technical knowledge about the specific tools are, of course, required but so are the ability to learn new languages and discover and adapt to new technologies.

5. Intrapreneurship

It’s being an entrepreneur but only within the company. Also, it’s gaining a lot of views from job seekers interested in developing innovative solutions to either add to the company’s services or improve internal processes. The role usually involves creative thinking, the ability to innovate, and formulate and implement strategies.

6. Operations

There is a strong interest in startup jobs involving total operations – the product, while an important part of the business, is just one part of it after all. Jobs in operations management generally revolve around ensuring that the company is running smoothly in all aspects such as finance, product development, administration, and the like.

7. Customer support

Jobs involving dealing with customers also get a lot of views. Companies, especially startups, prioritise customer engagement, with most of the team members taking part in ensuring customer happiness. The role requires stellar communication skills – with some companies requiring native fluency in the local language – and the ability to communicate emphatically and to articulate company product technicalities.

8. Business analysis

Jobs involving cost/benefit analysis, testing cases, and determining which methods work best for the company based on business conditions and projected results are popular among job seekers. Roles are usually meant for job seekers with experience in relevant industries or divisions however, companies also accept interns to train in business analysis.

9.Content strategy

In a world where companies are moving their businesses online, jobs involving strategising for content is becoming more integral to employers and more popular to job seekers. The role requires one to be knowledgeable about analytics evaluation, content gap analysis, editorial strategy, content production, and monitoring; generally from pre-production until post-production of content.

10. Growth marketing

The all-around project driver company growth with a role that involves SEO knowledge, content marketing, and familiarity with analytics software. The role depends on which aspect of the business the company focuses on growing. There are growth marketing positions in customer acquisition, revenue generation, and even partner development.

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