Here at e27, we have covered several travel-related startups, and we think the travel industry is one of the top areas for disruption. But before you pack your suitcase and book cheap flights or last-minute hotel accommodations through your smartphone, consider that travel also comes with risks. You can lose your checked-in luggage at the airport or en route to your destination. You might get pickpocket and lose travel documents like passports and even money.

But sometimes, it’s more than the physical goods that you risk losing — it’s your identity itself. IT management solutions provider CA Technologies says travelers are also at risk of losing their precious identities — and with it the potential for losing money through fraudulent transactions. “Every year, tens of thousands of people and millions of dollars are lost through identity theft in a world where the Internet is a gateway for commerce and transactions.”

This is particularly scary, given the fact that our mobile devices now offer cashless payments. And even if you can easily retrieve your work and data from the cloud, the same data can be used by malicious individuals if an unsecured device falls into the wrong hands.

Check out the infographic below, containing 10 tips for preventing identity theft while on-the-go. These include securing your mobile device with a password, keeping silent about travel plans on social media, and even some basic tips like tearing up used travel documents like boarding passes.

Infographic - 10 Tips To Avoid Identity Theft While Traveling

Featured image credit: Shutterstock