Students participating in a contest at the Social Innovation Camp Asia 2013

Students participating in a contest at the Social Innovation Camp Asia 2013 (Pic Courtesy: SICA Facebook page)

The inaugural SICA event held last year, saw such gems as sex education app Thatapp and rare diseases research community Rare Genomics Asia. This years’ finalists are likewise no slouches, with solutions to problems ranging from dengue tracking to making local government more efficient. We bring you the full list of 2013 SICA finalists below.

Aidnesia is a mobile and web app that connects volunteers and aid providers, the government, and disaster victims, facilitating communication between them and ensuring that aid is useful and well-distributed.

With Aidnesia, volunteers and aid providers sign up with their database, ensuring a pool of help that can be tapped on when needed. When disaster strikes, governments can upload critical info and disaster victims/community leaders can articulate their needs, making the aid process more efficient.

See the presentation here:
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claps1Claps: Wouldn’t it be nice if one can predict history? Claps aims to do just that by providing a platform to visualize the effects of climate change, making it easier to predict the direction of climate change and allowing for more effective mitigation schemes to be implemented.

The way Claps works is that users take photos or send text messages documenting the effects of climate change on their environment. During disasters, these data will be sent to other people in order to warn them of the impending calamity. Otherwise, the data will be aggregated to better shed light on environmental change.

Watch the Claps video here:

desadesoDesaDeso: Ecotourism to boost the incomes of rural villages is not a new idea. DesaDeso, however, aims to take eco-tourism to the next level by promoting them on their site and allowing travellers to select their itineraries by picking out which villages to visit.

DesaDeso will catalogue the various attractions available in participating villages, which include cultural craft and scenic spots, and make the information available on their site. To start off, they will be targeting the market of field trips for Indonesian schoolchildren, worth about US$ 62 million.

See the presentation here:
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migranasiaMigranIndonesia: With improving economic conditions in their hometown, returning home to family is becoming a reality for many migrant workers. However, many employers do not recognise the skills gained from their stint as migrant workers, and as a result pay remains low for them as compared to local graduates.

MigranIndonesia is a jobs and employment portal for returning migrant workers in Indonesia. It will both market available jobs to returning migrant workers, as well as promote their skills to prospective employers.

See the presentation here:

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: It is a well-known fact that bees are social animals, which come to each other’s aid when threatened with danger. Likewise, Bees allows victims of crime or concerned bystanders to alert and request help from members of the local community, particularly during situations where waiting for a police response would take too much time and allow the perpetrator to escape.

In addition, Bees will share the data collected with the local police department, allowing them to respond faster to crimes and aiding in planning for future anti-crime efforts.

See the presentation here:

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crowdcitiesCrowdCities: CrowdCities is a platform that improves engagement between citizens and local governments by empowering stakeholders to take an active role in suggesting and implementing improvement projects.

With CrowdCities, residents can post suggestions and generate discussions pertaining to their communities, while local governments can find out what citizens want in the community, and be able to respond to feedback promptly. If an idea or proposal is deemed worthwhile, the government or even commercial entities and charities can adopt and implement it.

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guardianangelGuardian Angel: Guardian Angel is a GPS-enabled alert app that monitors and engenders an emergency response in a timely way for people in life-threatening situations where they, or those around them, are unable to summon needed help.

The app’s main function as of now is an accelerometer-based fall detection system, where an alert is sent if the phone is dropped and the user does not respond after a few seconds to a minute. These alerts will, depending on the configuration, be sent to the user’s relatives, medical professionals, or even insurance companies.

See the presentation here:

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dmapDMAP – Dengue Mapping & Awareness Portal
: Dengue is a perennial problem faced by residents in tropical regions, and its communicable nature demands a tracking system to deal with it. With DMAP, patients or health professionals report dengue cases in their area, which are then plotted on a map. Residents living in the same district will be notified of the dengue situation, and the data can be used to predict dengue spread and advise remediation measures.

In the future, DMAP plans to change its name to Disease Mapping & Awareness Portal, expanding to include other diseases and epidemics.

See the presentation here:

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PinoyRX: In many parts of the Philippines, doctors’ prescriptions are still handwritten, increasing the chance of error and resulting in dire consequences for patients. PinoyRX aims to eliminate this by letting doctors give prescriptions via smartphone.

With PinoyRX, any doctor can give standardised prescriptions to patients and pharmacies so long as they have a smartphone. Future plans include an app for patients, featuring auto-reminder systems.

See the presentation here:

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sankalusuganSankalusugan: The recent typhoon Haiyan showed just how important emergency response is in the event of a disaster. Sankalusugan, which means “one health” in Tagalog, will utilize GPS and SMS systems for disaster response.

The first app built atop the Sankalusugan platform is MedicQR, which uses QR codes to track disaster victims in the absence of an Internet connection. Residents are issued with bands with QR codes indicating their personal details. When disaster strikes, community leaders and aid officials inside evacuation centres will scan the QR codes of the victims, making it easier to track them.

drcareDr Care
: Dr. Care is an app that helps patients keep track of their healthcare appointments and prescriptions after a visit to the doctor’s. With regular reminders, patients will be more likely to follow the recommendations of their doctor, such as taking medicine and doing specific exercises regularly.

Currently, Dr. Care is only a consumer-based app that requires user input. In the future, it plans to allow doctors to provide prescriptions through the app, as well as dispensing general health tips and doctor recommendations.

See the Presentation here:

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: Similar to CrowdCities above, FingerTown aims to smoothen interactions between citizens and the government, ending the frustration citizens face when they petition their government for changes.

FingerTown features a cute map of the citizen’s district, with complaints and petitions plotted on the map depending on where it’s posted. It also includes a game, both to monetize the app as well as let users earn points to create user engagement.

See the video here:

snap-n-biteSnap ‘n Bite
: Lifestyle diseases like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes kill 14.6 million people a year. Snap ‘n Bite aims to solve this by letting people keep track of their diets by snapping a photo of their food and displaying its nutritional information.

While diet tracking apps are prevalent, nearly all of them only track calories. Snap ‘n Bite displays the salt, sugar, and fat content of foods in addition to calories. Another innovative aspect of Snap ‘n Bite is that it has a custom avatar that changes appearance when different foods are recorded, letting users know at a glance how their dietary choices are affecting their health.

See the presentation here:

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