The startup and tech community is a melting pot of ideas and experiences, which is why we encourage members of the community to send in their article contributions to share insights, their journey, and the things they have learned.

Because isn’t it great to hear from someone else who have been where we are, and are doing or have done the things that we are doing?

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And since we’re at that time when year-enders abound, we thought why not take a quick crawl through our site to take a look at what you enjoyed reading this year?

Here are the 27 most read articles from members of the e27 community, ranked from most viewed.

1. 50 productivity tools for startup founders and entrepreneurs – Bodhisattwa Debnath

Because there are thousands of productivity tools available to us and sometimes we just need someone to list them down and tell us what works well. Read here.

2. Men, this is why women stay silent when sexually harassed – Animah Kosai

A lot has been written about 2017’s sexual harassment scandals but what makes this article stand out is that it is a straightforward explanation that answers the “why did she only speak up now?” question. Read here.

3. I got hired at a startup without experience, and you successfully launch your career, too – Ben Sim

A common problem fresh graduates seem to have when job hunting is that they mostly encounter companies who prioritise candidates with job experience. This article is quick step-by-step instruction on how people with no job experience can land a job that puts them in a position to boost their career. Read here.

4. Singapore innovation ecosystem is in need of a new model – Cheryl Lee

This is an honest look at Singapore’s innovation ecosystem, its weaknesses, and what can be done to improve it. Read more.

5. Lessons from a failed mobile payments startup in Singapore – Edmond Low

We all love real stories about other entrepreneurs’ experiences. In this article, Spence CEO candidly talks about his and his team’s experience trying and failing to build a mobile payments startup. Interesting, inspiring, and just the kind of story we see in the community all the time.Read here.

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6. New startups, this is what you need to know about gaining and retaining customer loyalty – James Cummings

In this world of information overload and smart customers, one problem startups face is gaining and maintaining customer loyalty. This article gives 9 tips for companies to do just that.Read here.

7. If you can focus on building a sustainable business, there is no need to chase funding – Harshdeep Rapal

Everyday, we hear news about startups getting funded. Here’s another take on that. Read here.

8. Looking for great talent? You can learn more about a candidate with these 3 psychology-driven interview tips -Lucas Hindmarsh

Some interview tips to get that talent you need for your team. Read here.

9. I learned about time management working at a fast growing startup; You might find these lessons useful, too – Ben Sim

Working in a startup is either sink or swim. Especially in the fast-paced world of tech and innovation, you either learn to manage your time, or you get left behind. This article give you tips so you’ll know what to expect. Read here.

10. We fought against an AirAsia venture and won; Here are some important lessons we learned – Asim Qureshi

The kind of David vs Goliath story we all love to hear about.Read here.

11. We mapped out the e-commerce competition scene in Indonesia and found 5 interesting trends – Andrew Prasatya

A lot of you are very interested in what’s happening in the ecommerce in Indonesia, as this article illustrates and details the ecommerce competition landscape of the country. Read here.

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12. Women, your gender is a strength, not a handicap – Jes Lua

We all know this, but sometimes we need a reminder. Read here.

13. Do Initial Coin Offerings represent the inevitable disruption of Venture Capital? – Justin Hall

It’s been a wild year for cryptocurrencies and ICOs. This article takes on a discussion about ICOs and how it affects venture capital. Read here.

14. Need to go viral in Indonesia? Here are some data points and a few words of advice – Joe Wadakethalakal

Who wants to go viral in Indonesia? This article gives some pretty sound advice to achieve that. Read more.

15. The long road ahead for the Thailand startup ecosystem – Paul Polapat Ark

This article is an in-depth look at the current (at least in June of this year) state of the Thailand startup ecosystem. Read here.

16. Retailing over Facebook Live is a thing in Taiwan, here is how it works – Edison Chen

This one talks about selling and even holding auctions over Facebook Live that’s apparently big in Taiwan. Makes you wonder if this use of Facebook Live ever crossed the minds of Zuck and company. Read here.

17. Advice for first-time startup CEOs – Alexander Jarvis

Being a startup CEO, especially if you’re a first-timer, is a challenging, overwhelming, and somewhat nerve-wracking thing. This article gives you 23 tips on how to handle it. Read here.

18. Want to bring in more business? These 7 tools will help you write the perfect email – Mary Walton

It’s a different type of list of tools, this time aimed at helping you write emails. And no, it dedoesn’t give you a list of platforms to use to send out emails, but a list of tools to help you craft good emails. Read here.

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19. How do you size employee ownership of your startup? This is your comprehensive guide to ESOPs
– Alexander Jarvis

Thinking about an Employee Stock Ownership Plan? This article (and video) is a technical explanation on how you can determine employee ownership size in your startup. Read here.

20. We scaled our staff from 2 to 150 in just over a year, and here are some lessons we learned – Kosuke Sogo

Is scaling that fast good or bad? What are the challenges? What are the advantages? AdAsia Holdings CEO shares that and more in this article that also give you tips on how to manage employee scaling. Read here.

21. Will machines start taking over our lives? Here are digital technologies that will change our world by 2025 – Ong Kai Kiat

A bit of a fearless forecast about the future of tech. Read here.

22. Blockchain is booming, but will grow to become a major city? Or is its future that of a ghost town? – Mary Ann Callahan

A quick look at what’s happening in crypto-world, as well as putting a bit of a spotlight on the future of blockchain technology. Read here.

23. Marketing vs. engagement, your mobile app strategy should reflect your goals – Amit Dua

In an environment where customer engagement is rated highly in importance, this article gives you some tips on how to turn your marketing-focussed approach into an engagement-focussed one. Read here.

24. 3 steps to producing content that converts – Edwin Madison

Beautiful content is only effective if it converts audience into customers, after all. Read here.

25. Proptech is the next big thing, but it is more complex than you think – Kevin Chen

While everyone is talking about fintech and e-commerce, proptech is quietly and slowly gaining ground. But there are buts and this article talks about them. Read here.

26. Why startups should say no to investors, even if they only have US$10 in their pocket – Hila Peled

Or, getting an investor is like getting married and you wouldn’t want to marry just anyone, right? Read here.

27. Is real estate tech disruption the end of the property agent? – Ivan W B Lim

It’s a “will tech take our jobs” kind of article, only that it not only talks about how tech can take your job but also about what you can do to make sure it doesn’t. Read here.

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