Along with cryptocurrency, the tech world is hedging its bets on a future powered by artificial intelligence. Across every major tech hub, startups and established Fortune 500 companies alike are implementing new AI-powered solution. Southeast Asia alone has emerged as a hub for innovative companies across verticals eager to increase business operational efficiencies and consumer pain points through artificial intelligence.

From organisations devoted to creating more targeted advertising to startups utilising machine-learning intelligence to detect early stages of breast cancer, the application of AI-driven solutions is diverse and even groundbreaking for certain industries.

Virtually every industry has one or more AI solutions designed to enhance human intelligence and creativity, paving the way for highly productive partnerships between artificial and human intelligence.

Here are a few startups helping the relationship between artificial and human intelligence growth:

AI Gaming

If the tech world is going to unlock AI’s potential, it will need to develop a robust and creative talent base of developers and engineers.

AI Gaming is a leading company in the AI educational space. This startup gamifies AI education and innovation through its free online platform.

Registered users go to AI Gaming to build their own bots using the AI Gaming Online Code Editor or a RESTful API. Those bots then compete against the platform’s own “house bots” and other users’ creations in a range of games that replicate real-world AI challenges. Bots compete to find the shortest route between multiple delivery points in “Travelling Salesdrone,” make the best predictive text suggestions in a text message simulator, or determine the quickest solution to pick e-commerce orders for dispatch from a warehouse. AI developers refine their bots based on learning from their previous game experiences and develop real-world skills in a fun and educational environment.

AI Gaming already hosts a robust competitive community boosted by blockchain components, and they have a roadmap for building an even stronger educational (and recruitment) platform. Users already pay to enter competitions by wagering small entry fees of AIGC tokens. Winners are rewarded with the tokens, boosting the competitive edge of the platform.

AI Gaming is now designing certificate courses that take users through progressive AI coding education. Learners are rewarded upon completion of each certificate with AIGC tokens, and users who have reached basic certification levels can compete by solving crowdsourced AI problems. Users seeking AI solutions can pose problems to the crowdsourcing community, and all users who contribute to a feasible solution will be rewarded with AIGC tokens.

As users earn certificates, win competitions, and contribute to crowdsourcing solutions, they’ll add to their growing blockchain-based “CV”, which they’ll eventually be able to make available to recruiters (a feature that is already in place, but currently uses a centralised database). AI Gaming will then be not only an AI educational platform, but an ideal platform for AI crowdsourcing and recruitment.

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LeadCrunch is quickly becoming a B2B marketing industry leader thanks to its AI-powered sales solution. As a sales marketer can attest, it can often feel like teams lack the insights to ensure their outreach efforts are as relevant and targeted as possible.

Instead of a crude spreadsheet of contact information, LeadCrunch uses AI to offer predictive outreach services. LeadCrunch’s AI algorithms create incredibly detailed profiles of client companies and their most successful customer relationships in order to define “smart personas” for ideal future customers. Leadcrunch then matches these smart personas to their database of 20 million North American companies. The result is a ranked list of highly optimised leads.

LeadCrunch’s AI doesn’t just generate initial lead lists. It uses engagement data about its leads to help clients generate a strategy for maximising engagement potential, flagging (for example) if a client prefers a phone call to email. And after clients have gone through a portion of their initial optimised lead list, they can feed their results back into the program in order to help it learn their exact needs. Thus the more clients work with LeadCrunch, the smarter their AI lead generation will get.

LeadCrunch’s AI also helps clients refine their content generation strategy, helping to turn tentative engagement into real customer connections. The resulting lead generation and nurturing strategy generate significantly higher returns than traditional lead generation.

Ravn App

Messenger applications tend to be fragmented with each application providing a certain product feature that attracts users. To date, there has not been a fully secure and robust solution that combines transaction potential, ease of use, and reliability. One startup is out to change this.

Ravn is not your average messenger app. With military grade security and a fully invisible design, the application does not collect any data. Within the blockchain powered ecosystem (built on Stellar), users are incentivised to transact and interact within the app’s utility token economy.

The Ravn team is currently developing a custom AI to ensure the growth and sustainability of Ravn and RavnPay. Ravn’s Artificial Intelligence Oracle “Mir” will help guide users through their daily life inside Ravn as well as assist with smart contracts.

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Users will be able to control much of what they do inside Ravn using only their voice or in a chat-based interface. Mir will also help recognise mistakes in smart contracts and suggest corrections. This direct interaction between AI and users helps create smarter user experiences and more refined application usage. The company is currently in a private funding round and will open up a global token sale Q2 2018.

There are still misconceptions swirling around what AI really is and what its implications will be across industries. AI is not going to overhaul the world overnight, but as evidenced by these startups, it can spark immediate and scalable progress.


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