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Businesses that use content marketing enjoy 7.8 times more website traffic than businesses that don’t.

The question is how to make it work for your business.

After spending more than six years with different businesses in all type of industries, I have learned three simple rules that can make or break your content marketing strategy.

These three rules are as follows:

1. Publish consistently on your blog

Do you’ve an editorial calendar for your brand?

Do you know how many blog posts will be posted next month?

How often do you post new content?

An editorial calendar tells you when you’ve to publish, what has to be published, and why exactly you should publish.

Even if you are to publish a single blog post a month, be sure you do it consistently. You’ll not see results in the early days, but that shouldn’t stop you from updating your blog.

Stick to the plan – even if it doesn’t work.

A content editorial calendar helps you with supplying meaningful and purposeful content to your blog. Large businesses like CoSchedule (publishes 7 to 10 posts a week) as well as small businesses like Jeremy Diamond (publishes 2 to 3 posts a week) use content editorial calendars to make sure they know what they have to publish and when it has to be published.

When you publish content consistently on your blog, it has several benefits such as search engine crawlers have something new to crawl every time they visit your blog, your readers will have something new to read, it drives traffic from search engines, and more.

Keep updating your blog often and consistently.

It will work eventually.

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2. Convert and distribute content

Publishing on your blog isn’t enough. You’ve to distribute content so that you reach a larger group of your target audience that is, otherwise, unable to find you and/or your content.

Not everyone likes reading articles. Most of the people love watching videos and they spend more time on YouTube than on social networks.

A good chunk of your target audience might never visit your website unless they see a video or maybe read a PDF or maybe listen to a podcast.

Arjun Reddy, the founder of Super Baby, shares his experience with content distribution for his website:

“Ever since we started using images and videos for promotion, we have seen a massive rise in traffic and conversions. The same piece of text from our website is converted into images and videos, and it performs better than our website.”

Are you distributing content on all the networks?

Is your business converting and distributing content to reach a larger audience?

Most probably not.

But the businesses that do so are seeing awesome results like Cox Media (60 per cent increase in client inquiries) and Blackbaud (800 leads generated).

Here is how to do it.

  1. Convert your blog post into other content types like video, PDF, slides, podcast, infographic, white paper, case study, email series, webinar, etc. It is little extra work that doesn’t cost you a lot of bucks because you’ve the content.
  2. Distribute content on leading websites like video streaming websites, image sharing sites, syndication networks, etc.
  3. Repeat.

There will come a time when a single blog post will drive hundreds and thousands of visitors from multiple sources.

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3. Understand your target audience

Don’t tell me you don’t have buyer personas.

Create them.

According to Pamela Vaughan from HubSpot, buyer personas help businesses in understanding their customers. With buyer personas, you can create personalized content and products for target audience based on their unique needs and challenges.

If you don’t know who your audience is, what are its interests, what are its needs, challenges in life, objectives, average income, etc. it seems to be pointless to write content for them.

You simply cannot make your content appealing.

Create buyer personas. Understand your target audience.

That’s it

These three content marketing ideas will help you achieve results that you haven’t thought of. Let’s surprise your competitors.


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