Ever since the first iPhone was launched in 2007, smartphone technology as well as mobile apps and their ecosystems have advanced at a tremendous pace. Now, with the aid of apps, mobile phones can be used for payments, searching for employment, as well as getting frustrated and questioning your life.

With this in mind, it goes without saying that mobile technology will feature prominently at Echelon Thailand. It would be remiss to not talk about the opportunities and exciting developments in the mobile sector.

We, at e27, bring you three mobile-focussed sessions at Echelon Thailand, which will be held on September 18 and 19, 2014.

Get the mobile customer
Even as the adoption of smartphones and mobile technology is growing by leaps and bounds, many startups are still likely to find themselves clueless on how to target the mobile consumer, and questions like app building and app store SEO feature prominently on the minds of many founders.

Echelon Thailand will host a panel on how startups can make the most use of mobile technologies. Led by e27‘s very own Editor Dhaleta Surender Kumar, the panel will feature experts such as HotelQuickly Co-founder Tomas Laboutk, Noonswoon Co-founder Kavin Mickey Asavanant, and AppsFlyer Asia VP Ronen Mense.

Build innovate apps
Recent launches of Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Note 4 smartphones, as well as initiatives like its app store revamp, KNOX security solution and Vserv ads leave no question that it is a major player in the mobile space. With new mobile tech developments such as wearables and cloud data storage, Samsung’s tech leadership in the mobile space is likely to grow.

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Led by Nicholas Foo, Head of Developer Relations, Samsung Asia, the conference will feature a workshop on how startups can leverage Samsung’s technologies to create innovative apps. While this workshop focusses on Samsung, the skills learned can be applied to most other app and device platforms featuring rich APIs.

Mobile ads – from ordinary to extraordinary
Increasing smartphone adoption, particularly in less-developed and emerging economies, present new opportunities to bring content to more people. One such content segment is advertising, where companies all over the world, covering all sectors of consumer products and services, compete to push their messages out to millions of new and existing mobile users.

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In response to this demand, companies are taking advantage of technologies such as Big Data analytics and location-based services to serve up relevant ads to the mobile consumer. Echelon Thailand will be hosting a workshop, led by GM David Yin, on how companies can craft ads that are relevant and better target the right consumers.

Get ready for a deep dive into Thailand’s startup ecosystem with Echelon Thailand. Early bird rates have been extended till September 11. Prepare your pressure suits now!