Does your mother or father know what you’re doing? Chances are, they probably don’t.

According to a global study conducted by LinkedIn, a social network for professionals, in 14 countries with 16,102 parents, 46 percent of 1,943 Singaporean parents surveyed do not understand what their child does for a living.

The same survey also revealed that terms like ‘actuary’, ‘UI designer’ and ‘data scientist’ topped the list of careers Singaporean parents were least likely to understand.

Interestingly, while these parents might not understand what their chid might be up to, they definitely have their best interest at heart. 58 percent of Singaporean parents ranked job satisfaction as the most important factor for their children to consider when choosing a career.

On the other hand, only 29 percent rated being paid enough to lead a comfortable lifestyle as the most important factor.

Singaporean parents also revealed that the top career paths they would like their child to pursue. While 37 percent and 34 percent of them chose finance and doctor respectively, a good 31 percent rated entrepreneurship as their top choice.

The survey results were announced today at LinkedIn’s Bring In Your Parents Day in Singapore. Hari Krishnan, Managing Director, Asia Pacific & Japan, LinkedIn, told the parents of employees present that the objective of the event was to give them a sense of what their children are up to.

In Singapore alone, LinkedIn has more than a million members and 120 employees. In Asia Pacific, the company has 46 million members, and more than 600 employees.

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