Flattering pictures (for the average mobile phone camera photographer) are hard to capture. If you have given up hopes to edit your pictures using Photoshop, have a final go at these apps before you throwing in the white flag. The following are 4 tried and tested foolproof apps that even the PS-idiot will fall in love with! Be sure to check out the before and after images using these apps.

1. Adobe Photoshop Express

If you are expecting the kind of tools that are available in the Photoshop software in this app, you might be a little disappointed. Unlike Photoshop’s amazing editing capabilities, this app offers very minimal editing such as exposure, contrast and brightness adjustments and limited effects to play around with. Don’t expect your favourite PS tools like liquify, clone, lasso tool etc. in here. Overall, an app with very basic editing tools that some of the smartphones’ editing tool out there are offering.

Rating: 2/5

2. Makeup

This is a good app for those days when you are forced to take pictures without makeup/ looking pale.  Choose from more than 50 shades of eye shadows, blush, lipsticks and more to freshen up your look in pictures. It also serves as a very handy app for trying on makeup shades to see which are the ones that best suits your skin color without having to test it on your skin. A great app to have when shopping for cosmetics.

Rating: 4/5

3. PhotoWonder (Highly recommended)

As the name of the app suggests, this app indeed does amazing wonders to your photos. Out of the 4 apps in this review, PhotoWonder provides the most editing tools to address your physical imperfections (sadly, only in pictures).This is a relatively good alternative for people who do not know how to use PS software to edit their photos. A must download app for girls (and guys) ‘photoshopalics’.

Rating: 4.5/ 5

4. Photo Warp

If you’re looking for a mobile app that plays around with the shape and size of objects in images, Photo Warp is the answer. Have fun twisting & turning, expanding & shrinking objects in pictures. With this app, you can make yourself look slimmer even without PS’s liquify tool.- Checkout the Before & After images of e27’s Media & Events Manager!

Rating: 3/5

All of the apps reviewed in this article are free for download from the Android Market. Check them out and have fun playing around with the editing tools. Do leave a comment on what you think of the apps reviewed here or if there are any cooler apps that I have left out.


All ‘Before’ and ‘After’ images are edited by e27’s writer, Joanna Yeo, who has basic (still learning in progress) photo editing skills. Image of writer’s dog, Yeogurt is used to illustrate editing capabilities of Photoshop Express. Celebrity, Oprah Winfrey for Makeup and PhotoWonder. And finally, e27’s very own Media & Events Manager, Gabriel Yang for Photo Warp.