Technology has entered every aspect of our lives. So why not invite it into the bedroom? If your sex life is in a rut or if you want that extra oomph or maybe want to add 50 Shades of Grey to your fantasies, these apps are just for you.

Check out these raunchy inventions by sex tech startups. You will thank us later.

1) iKamasutra: If doggie-style is your idea of wild sex, you need to up the kink-o-meter. iKamasutra will teach you 110 sexual positions to experiment with. The words ballerina, scissors and lotus will take on a new meaning. According to the website, the app features “descriptions that are professionally written and easy to follow so you’ll quickly move into position”.

There is a feature to track your progress from ‘Novice’ to ‘Grand Master’ by marking every position you try, and save positions you just have to try on your ‘to do’ list.

A social element also allows to share positions and your progress on Twitter and Facebook. Not sure if that is such a good idea! You can also email positions to your partner any time of day to “inspire between sessions”.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows.

2) ClitoJoy Vibrator: Your phone is your communication tool, bank, entertainment window… why can’t it also give sexual pleasure. The app allows you to use your phone as a massage tool, “wherever you want”. It also supports “endless combinations of vibration intervals”.

Sounds like pleasure on-the-go. However, not sure if people may want to try it. Hygiene and what not. Will make women think twice before borrowing someone else’s phone to make a call.

Available on Android.

3) Tantric Sex Secrets: On switch: This app can teach you how to go on for hours. Now if that does not make you download it, we don’t know what will. It also wants to help you turn your partner’s body into one giant erogenous zone.

The app can make you understand how Tantric sex works, using it as meditation, how to stimulate all of the senses and “the secret energy maps of the female body” — does that mean men will finally know what women want? Wishful thinking.

It also says it can teach to activate the ‘on switch’ anytime, anywhere.

Available on Android

4) Couple Keep: Couples can explore each other’s hidden fantasies with this app. If you are too shy to talk about it, this app will satisfy the need, so to say.

So how does it work? Couple Keep will ask each of you a series of questions that should be answered separately. You need to respond to each question on how you feel about a particular task/idea. It will then show a list of matches. It does not stop there. Basis your shared desires, it will give suggestions for “dreamy and steamy date nights”.

Available on Android.

Feeling hot and heavy? Time to get your phones out!

Image Credit: Shutterstock