On a busy Wednesday evening, Wantedly Singapore attracted over 1,000 job candidates and tech enthusiasts who convened at WeWork Suntec to meet 10 hyper-growth tech companies looking to hire various roles in Singapore.

On the purpose and motivation to organise their inaugural hiring festival here, Amin Sulaiman, Business Development at Wantedly, pointed towards a trend and observation on hyper-growth tech companies hiring in Singapore. “More companies are now focussing on employer branding to attract quality candidates, especially when it comes to hiring for technical talents such as developers and engineers.”

Amin further explained that an employer brand is the personality of the company that is communicated to target quality talents so as to attract them to the company. The brand is often based off the employer value proposition (EVP) that has been developed internally.

In the hustle and bustle of the event’s festivities, e27 managed to speak with 5 of the participating companies to learn more about their employer brand, and here’s what we found.


How would you describe Airbnb’s organisation culture?

Mission-driven, people-powered.

What is one tip you’d give to prospective candidates on how to get hired by Airbnb?

Please do your research and try your best to understand the role and the importance of Core Values in this company.


How would you describe Carousell’s organisation culture?

At Carousell, we always believe that “we are less than 1% done”. As we unlock our next phase of growth, we are fostering a culture of problem solving, risk-taking and creating impact.

What is one tip you’d give to prospective candidates on how to get hired by Carousell?

We’re looking for A-players seeking to make meaningful impact at scale and embody our core values of being problem solvers, caring, mission-oriented, resourceful and humble.


How would you describe Circles.Life’s organisation culture?

We create a culture that gives reasons for Circles.Lifers to work from their hearts and come up with amazingly innovative ideas — our missions go hand in hand: giving power back to the customers and building a great place to work!

What is one tip you’d give to prospective candidates on how to get hired by Circles.Life?

Having specific skill-sets and experiences is one important aspect, but in the fast-changing world of startups, it is more important to have a voracious appetite to keep on learning and growing. The drive to want to excel, to take ownership, but all while remaining humble and open is what we look out for.


How would you describe ez-link’s organisation culture?

We believe in our people. We believe in what we do.

What is one tip you’d give to prospective candidates on how to get hired by ez-link?

Get to know our culture


How would you describe Grab’s organisation culture?

Grabbers must be ambitious and adaptable.

What is one tip you’d give to prospective candidates on how to get hired by Grab?

Be great within your field of expertise. We are looking for people who are specialists in certain areas, but also those who are ambitious, eager to learn and develop. In return, we can offer an exciting journey for those willing to help drive the company forward.

Employer Branding vs. Hiring

Although companies increasingly understand the need for employer branding, it is not an immediate focus and still regarded only as a “good-to-have, as the task of hiring still comes first.
According to Amin, the ROI employer branding might take a longer time to fulfill, and successful execution usually requires multiple strategies via both online and offline channels.

However, he still advocates developing a strong EVP so that companies can successfully attract quality talents in the long run. For companies who are unsure of how to work on employer branding, his advice is to focus on these 5 pillars as a framework for development: culture, work environment, career, benefits and compensation.