Two weeks ago, e27 showcased five brilliant and useful IoT products who were crowdfunding their dreams. We hope that you’ve heeded our call and pledged some spare change instead of splurging it all on a night of pitiful brown-bag drinking and drunk texting your ex (no use denying it, we’ve all been there).

This is you in 1 year, minus the slender figure and hair

This is you in a year, minus the slender figure and hair

If you haven’t, no matter. First, get your mom to dunk your head into ice-cold bucket of water and toss off your “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” shirt stained with regurgitated kebab.

A little help from your mates works too / Image Credit: A Clockwork Orange

A little help from your mates works too / Image Credit: A Clockwork Orange

Now switch on your smartphone (don’t forget to delete your ex’s number) and grab a cuppa, because you are in for a nice morning treat.

We bring you five more wacky and cool crowdfunding IoT campaigns you should fund within the APAC region. Some of which we hope, will add a whole lotta spice and exuberance to your prosaic lifestyle. Throw some money towards these guys instead of a six-pack, it will be worth every bill.

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Unified Weapons Master – Australia

If that title alone doesn’t make your heart race like the last time you took speed and make you squeal like a bright-eyed kid watching Transformers for the first time…well I’m afraid you have been assimilated into the humdrum of corporate adulthood.

The Unified Weapons Master (UWM) – which looks like the spawn of a collaboration between S.H.I.E.L.D, Wayne Enterprises and the Sith Empire – wants to revolutionise combat sports not only by weaving advanced technology into the combat suit, but by also allowing the fighters to go head to head with each other in the same arena regardless of their choice of weaponry and combat system.

Dubbed the “Lorica” (which in the latin word for “armour”), this badass suit features a camera on the helmet, giving the audience a first-person-view of what you are doing. The helmet also features a microphone which the fighter will use to communicate with the coach.

The rest of the suit has an intelligent armour system to detect and register hits, which will be used for the scoring system (no actual fight-to-the-deathmatches unfortunately), an inbuilt cooling system and a biometric data system to measure your heart rate and body temperature.

The suit is also made of composite lightweight high tensile materials and impact absorbing foams that optimises protection against hits, though I wouldn’t risk an impact to your crown jewels.

Why you should fund it

Imagine. Two highly skilled noble warriors enter an arena, a crowd of millions let out a thunderous roar, flashes of lightning streak across a dark purple sky, the bell rings, and both combatants rush towards each other, one with a Japanese samurai sword and the other with a German longsword.

Ok, I admit I’m stretching my imagination a little too far. But this is the kind of experience UWM’s creator Australia-based startup Chiron Global wants to replicate. It wants to take competitive martial arts to the next level, incorporating weapons from different cultures.

Chiron Global’s goal is for UWM matches to take place in sports stadiums where it will be also streamed live to a global audience. It will start by hosting underground events in Australia by 2016 and export it to America by 2017.

UWM’s creators aren’t just a bunch of anime-worshipping engineers either. Both CEO David “Piezo” and Chairman Justin “The Forse” are actually well-trained martial art experts themselves, with 25 years of Taekwando training and 30 years of full contact combat arts experience respectively.

Unfortunately, the rewards do not include the full suit. However you can claim a weapon for as low as AU$120 (US$86). Getting the helmet will set you back a hefty AU$75,000 (US$54,000). You can also sponsor a fighter for AU$100,000 (US$72,000) and finally live out your Mr Miyagi fantasies.

The campaign is currently at nearly half of its funding goal of US$72,000 with 13 days left go.

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Smart Bluetooth Leather Jacket – China

This hi-tech jacket wants to weave smart technology into your clothing subtly so you look less like a dork and more like a wannabe biker/rocker dude.

Using Bluetooth technology, China-based Leist Smart’s sleek product allows you to pick up phone calls remotely and listen to music from your smartphone through the jacket’s embedded speaker.

If you misplace your phone, you can also lock it remotely and activate an alarm on the phone using your jacket, allowing you to locate it easily. Say goodbye to all the tricky balancing acts with your phone as you attempt to take a selfie because it remotely accesses your smartphone camera, enabling you to take pictures with the press of a button on the jacket.

Why you should fund it

Just think of how fabulous you would look if you blasted Taylor Swift from your jacket instead of your smartphone, the public will adore you for bringing more cheer into your lives with your walking jukebox routine.

On a more serious note, the Smart Bluetooth Leather Jacket (this name couldn’t be more generic) integration with smartphone technology is just one of the many ways smart wear is bringing more convenience into our lives.

The campaign begun four day ago and will have 20 days to hit its goal of US$10,000.

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Kavenir – China

Digital mobile personal assistants are nothing new, there is Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana out in the market. China-based Kalamando wants to top that by making Kavenir an all-encompassing personal assistant to you, like Samantha in the film Her.

No seriously, that’s what its campaign page says — “A Truely Artificial Intelligence Headphone, Like Samansa [sic] In The Movie ‘Her’”. No word on whether the voice of this personal assistant will be Scarlett Johansson or if it’s capable of engaging in cybersex with you.

Kavenir functions as a Bluetooth earpiece which connects to your smartphone and helps you to use various apps remotely. If you are in a car, it can give you real-time traffic updates, respond to text messages, lock your car and even roll down the windows.

It also has medtech functions. Using its tracker, sensor and monitor features, Kavenir can measure your steps, heart rate and oxygen saturation of blood.

At home, it can lower the temperature of your room, turn off the lights and even monitor your baby’s room.

Through an AI algorithm, it is also able to learn your preferences and suggest songs, news or jokes that would interest you. Feel free to burst out into laughter in a middle of your commute as it feeds you your usual dose of black humour, while the other passengers give you that “poor guy, he’s lost it” stare.

Why you should fund it

Kavenir might be able to go a long way in helping you to multitask better and be on top of things; such as constantly reminding you of your appointments. A pledge of US$79 and this handy little device is yours.

Besides, for all the lonely lads out there who felt that most people didn’t “get” them, here’s a little virtual friend for you who will never tire of your quirks and whims. No really! Kavenir claims that “it is not only a good listener, but also a good chat partner who will never get tired”. No more forced socialising at parties!

The campaign is currently at US$4,296, which is still a long ways from its goal of US$10,000. With 16 days left on the calendar, the prospect of this project succeeding looks promising.

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Smart pee-pee – Hong Kong

This IoT device will be a heaven-sent for parents, or as Hong Kong-based Ancam Tech puts it – “Gospel for new parents”.

So how can Smart pee-pee help? Well it acts as a sort of nanny. This tiny smart device connects to the toddler’s diaper, allowing parents to monitor the wetness and the temperature of the diaper, reminding them when it’s to time to change it.

Smart pee-pee also acts a potty training assistant. By tracking the toddler’s pee intervals, it is able to calculate when he or she would need to go pee again.

And don’t worry about any medical hazards, the nickel-free material prevents any allergic reaction from occurring, so it’s safe for the toddlers. Just make sure to secure the Smart pee-pee properly to the diaper using its special sticker lest it gets swallowed by the toddler.

Why you should fund it

While it is not going to change the diapers for you, it can make your parenting more efficient and perhaps cut down on the incessant crying from your child, with a pledge of US$29.

The campaign is currently at US$8,163 and 11 days shy of its goal to reach US$20,000. Your pledge could potentially help parents sleep better.

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Herb&Fish CONNECT – Taiwan

Taiwan-based Arky Design wants to solve a pain-point for many city-dwelling adults – the lack of nature, and the space to care for their plants and pets.

Its product Herb&Fish CONNECT, is a smart hybrid fishbowl that houses both your plants and fishes, and aims to improve the health of both through the use of IoT.

It provides LED lights for your plants, which you can control with your smartphone. You can also turn on the water pump to oxygenate the water in the fish bowl, as well as monitor the water’s temperature. Beyond that, it sends out reminders to feed your fish, change the water and alerts you when the temperature of the water is too hot or cold.

One of it’s more interesting features of Herb&Fish CONNECT is that it can turn the waste produced by the fish into fertiliser for the plants. In turn, the plants will also filter the water for the fish, reducing the toxicity of the water.

Why you should fund it

If you were tired of seeing your prized fishes die one after another either because of your neglect or ignorance on proper fish tank maintenance, Herb&Fish CONNECT could potentially save you heaps.

In addition, it allows you to introduce more organic food to your diet. You can plant herbs such as basil and peppermint. Another great addition to your hippie-esque apartment! It will definitely look great next to that exotic China-made vase you bought from Bali.

It does, however, have limitations. Its small size means that it can only house one fish. So it looks like your goldfish is going to be one sad friendless little creature.

The campaign is currently at NZ$13,474 (US$8,557) and has 12 more days to raise funds to hit its goal of NZ$45,000 (US$28,538).

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